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Gemini Concepts, custom light sabersmiths

Updated on November 8, 2010


Gemini Concept's first saber "Gemini"
Gemini Concept's first saber "Gemini" | Source

Gemini Concepts: Twin Rising Stars

Castor and Pollux, the twin sons in Greek mythology, one was immortal while the other remained human. In the mythology when one of the brothers died the other one went to Zeus and begged him to give his brother a portion of his immortality, thus creating the constellation Gemini. I cannot say which of the two twin brothers responsible for Gemini Concepts is immortal, but one thing is very clear, Dusty and Casey Callais are twin rising stars in the custom saber community.

The two have always been fans of the Star Wars universe and lightsabers themselves as far back as they both can remember. Both men have rooms dedicated to all the Star Wars memorabilia they have collected over the years. “From as long as we both can remember, Star Wars has been in our lives on nearly a daily basis,” says Dusty “From the movies, to playing with the toys as kids, to collecting everything star wars as adults.” This passion, and the unique fact of being a twin, led Dusty to create their first lightsaber, Gemini. This first lightsaber was a duel bladed weapon, an artistic representation of the relationship between two twins. Possibly even signifying how two separate bright beams of light can work together and overcome great obstacles.

Since 2008, they have been meeting every obstacle in this hobby head on, learning and growing as a company and sabersmiths. They started off, as most do, working in their homes. Soon they realized what they really needed was a dedicated shop, so after a few builds they acquired one. In that time they both really learned about prepping parts before a build, to upgrading from lacquer to powder coating for color. With practice the shiny were shiny and the placements were becoming more accurate. Like the Spartans of ancient Greece they have consistently emerged victorious with each challenge they face.

They may not be fighting Sith Lords, or battling to keep the Republic together, but one thing they are doing is looking for ways to get lightsabers into as many hands as possible. “We are at a point in the hobby where we just really want to see people with lightsabers, it's a great hobby, a great toy and a way for kids, and adults to have a good, safe time.” While they love doing concept pieces like Gemini, a clear saber hilt and Ploo-Koon’s katar, they also love doing sabers for those on a budget. Billed as “Acolyte” hilts, these are stunt hilts with a bit of “flair” as Casey says. How many companies take this kind of pride in their lower end products?

It’s not just getting these inspired hilts out to as many people as possible which drive them. They also strive to build the community, quite often working with other sabersmiths in the hobby, collaborating on different products to bring the best possible product they can while building communal relationships. With these types of hearts, it is no wonder the saber hilts they put out are so inspired and beautiful. Their willingness to work with others, to bring other qualified sabersmiths in; you know you will be getting something of quality with the time and effort put in.

Like the twin sons of myth, Dusty and Casey Callais, aspire to share what makes them shine with the community, and the next generation. Ensuring the love of this hobby will last long after they are gone. Although, if you ask Dusty he would say it is not much of an obstacle, “The lightsaber concept was ahead of it's time, and still is. Kids seeing them for the first time are just as awe struck as we were seeing them in 1977.” So whether it is a saber they see in a movie, or one of Gemini Concepts inspired designs, one thing is for sure, this company will no doubt continue to inspire the hobby’s growth into the future.

Ploo-Kun's Saber
Ploo-Kun's Saber | Source


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