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Generating Your Own Arsenal of Artifacts

Updated on July 11, 2015

If you love collecting artifacts, then there;s no better time to start than now. Better start while you're on the height of your passion. You don’t need to have a degree in Archeology to pursue your interest in collecting antiques and ancients items. You can always start setting up an arsenal of artifacts in your own place.

Before you start to ransack your home, you must first understand what is an artifact and its real value, for you to truly appreciate what you will be getting into. It is only in gaining basic knowledge of things that interest you, that you be able to love spending time and effort to finding them.

What is an artifact?

An artifact is an object created by man for a specific purpose. Though an artifact can be ancient or modern, much value is attached to ancient artifacts which are usually discovered by archeologists through diggings and explorations of burial sites and lost civilizations. A very small artifact recovered from such exploration can tell us much about the culture, tradition and lifestyle of people in that region at a certain time.

Why Is An Artifact Important?

Every piece of information related to the past is valuable as they provide a missing part of the puzzle of knowledge that our archeologists are trying to compile for reference. It is only through the completion of these hidden facts that we will be able to truly understand and relate to our past ancestry and how they were able through those primitive times. Artifacts recovered can tell our archeologist how people live in ancient times. Specifically, through their tools and weapons used, they can tell how they got and prepared their food, design their homes and how they spend their time. Even fashion and ideology of the people are revealed through the artifacts they left behind.

Discovering artifacts is an interesting hobby. It makes you search for facts you want to know in relation to the item you had discovered. The location of the discovery is very important to understand the significance of the discovery. This is why you have no reason to believe that generating artifacts now for future reference is significant.

How to Start Generating Artifacts for the Future

While surfing in the internet for things to buy, I was surprised to know how a number of people could be interested in buying old cans of beer, stamps, banners, etc. This sounds ridiculous but surfing through ebay, amazon or Triple Clicks, you would be able to find ridiculous old mementos for sale. As I was browsing then, my mind ran through my old stocks at home. Sad to say that though I had kept too many old things in the house for years, I was forced to get rid of them when our country seemed to be a favorite typhoon spot.

As I stared at those collector’s items before me, I can’t help but be interested in knowing more about artifacts. What if 200 years from now, things which I am storing in every part of my home and which I don’t give much value could give my descendants a link on how I had lived today? Wouldn’t that be interesting enough to deal on?

Remember that what is new today could be ancient in the future and we will never know how it would be then. I suppose, it will be quite valuable for us to start storing up things that will provide knowledge to the future generation on our culture, lifestyles and generations. Let us put up an arsenal of artifacts at home.

What are the Items we can Collect?

To start collecting, we need to begin looking around us and what a better way than to investigate on things that you have right now in your own place, your home. Here are some of the items you have to consider stocking up in your arsenal.

Family Heirlooms

In most homes, especially ancestral ones, family heirlooms are kept for many generation to be preserved and handed down to the next generations This could be the ancestral house itself, a piece of jewelry, a grandfather’s clock or a grand piano. Even a great portrait displayed at the living room can be a significant heirloom.

Family Records

Just as a public record of an individual is important to a state, an individual record of every family member can provide enough information for future family members. Records of Birth and Death, Medical Records, Honors, Achievements and Rewards tell much of a family member and could be relayed to succeeding generations. Through medical records, one will gain information on the kind of an illness that runs in the family while achievements records show you in what fields your bloodlines excel.


Photographs are the usual items found in every home. However, as we are going digital, many are resorting to digital photos. No matter what, everyone is inclined to keep a personal image of one self, and those of his loved ones. Digital photography or imaging is one development in our technology today that tells much of everything. A simple photo carries a lot of information on the image. This can be a significant artifact for the future.


Are you a book lover or just a book reader? In my own definition, I may say that a book reader simply loves to read and gain understanding of what they read. On the other hand, a book lover goes beyond reading to gain understanding. He may read and collect books because he loves to exhibit the source of his understanding and knowledge not only for himself but for the generation to follow. By doing this, he may also encourage or influence his descendants and acquaintances to read and collect books.

For this reason, I had invested more on books than on other things that one can be find in our home. We have books on display at the living room lining one part of the wall, others in shelves of headboards and some are kept neatly inside some boxes. Sad to remember are those books which we had thrown away after being ruined when a typhoon hit our town.

Books are one of the best artifacts we can gather. It tells much of our generation and those ahead of us. It will always tell more in the years to come. What a good collection of books especially those written by you.

Paintings and Decors

If you just take a look on the items accumulated in your home, you will realize how much they tell you about your family line including your great, great grandparents. You may still have a portrait of them hanging on your wall, a collection of ancient arms and weapons collected by your great uncle, or a set of intricately designed handmade embroideries done by your great grandma, plus an ample sample of croqueted materials displaying the masterful skill of your mother.

Novelty Items

Small novelty items are usually left unattended or neglected, but they too, can give a lot of information on the generation’s lifestyle. As described, a novelty item is designed practically for no specific purpose but to humor or simply for being unique or new. We may have a lot of ancient novelty items hanging around our homes and who know, they can give much information in the later years on how we humor or entertain ourselves.

Gadgets and Cameras

Gadgets and cameras are samples of the fast change in our global technology and development. If we have a complete arsenal of these gadgets and cameras, we may be able to help much in the technology of the future. No development happens without awareness of the past.


Even toys can be a handy artifact. I remember when my brother had a box of Matchbox cars which I can’t find today in any shop. Looking at those toys is like knowing the craftsman himself or the personality behind every masterpiece. Through this piece of items, I can deeply feel the innate passion of an artist and not that of a manufacturer.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      I like old tings like that old typewriter. We don't have enough room for me to have an extensive collection though.


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