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Genesis Custom Sabersmiths

Updated on November 8, 2010

Genesis Custom Sabers: Divinely Inspired?

            The book of Genesis arguably holds a record of the most creative act in all of history, the creation of the universe. The crown jewel of this creation being humankind, created in the image of God. Being created in His image, some would argue, has given us an innate desire to reflect our Creator by creating works of art ourselves. There have been a select few who have not just shown a desire, but unmatched creative skills: Davinci, Michelangelo, George Lucas and now Rob Petkau of Genesis Custom Sabers, or better known as Madcow.

            No, I’m not talking about the disease; Madcow has been making custom sabers for fourteen years. True to his creative nature, he started making his first sabers using colored flashlights, plumbing pipes and golf club grips. They may not be anywhere close to the kind he is putting out now, but being a youth pastor at the time, it was the cool thing to do for the kids. Those sabers may be a far cry from the quality of machined parts, and high end sound cards he uses now, but they still show the ingenuity of this man of God with a heart for sci fi weaponry.

            His first exposure to the world of Star Wars was listening to episode four on tape, no not the kind you use to wrap presents with for those of the younger generation, but cassette tapes back in 1978. It was not until he turned ten and watched “Empire Strikes Back” that Rob says his life was changed forever. This young boy, who had always loved swords, saw for the first time these energy sabers waving around and was hooked. “The light saber became a kind of icon for me. I’ve always loved swords, but I really identified with a sword of pure light energy.” From then on, he knew he was hooked and would be a fan the rest of his life.

            A fan love he has poured into his work in the custom saber field. His initial desire was simply to create something not just he as a fan, but if he was a Jedi, could see himself hanging from his belt. Petkau prides himself on pushing the boundaries, while providing the highest quality saber. “I’m a designer. I apply myself to blend form and function to make sabers that perform, feel like a real lightsaber would, AND they look freaking cool.” Initially, he only wanted to sell some of his old work to pay for parts and tools. As more and more people came to him, he turned a website initially intended to showcase his work into Genesis Custom Sabers, a company priding itself on high end quality sabers.

            With thirteen years of experience in custom saber building, Rob Petkau is providing high end heirloom quality products for an ever growing community. Preferring to only focus on the high end has given him sharp crystal focus, and working with other sabersmiths exemplifies his desire to build this community to all it can be. Much like the quality of people he works with, Rob prides himself on turning out only sabers he himself would use. Preferring to work with his customers to create a saber not only they would love, but he can be proud of as well.

            In all this Rob Petkau is quick to return the accolades back to God, even in the naming of his company. “Part of the reason I love the name “Genesis” is because of my deep devotion to God, who is the ultimate creator and artist.” These sabers may not be divinely inspired, or they may just be, either way a saber from Madcow carries with it an air of artistic creation blended with a form and functionality which would make Leonardo Davinci proud.


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