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How to Get First MOAB/Nuke In Modern Warfare 3 (mw3 tips)

Updated on July 14, 2012

The Elusive MOAB

In Call of Duty History there arguable has been nothing harder to do than earn a moab in a game. Moab stands for "Mother Of All Bombs" and that is exactly what it is. If you're not familiar with a moab, it is the highest killstreak in MW3 and the hardest to get. In order to get a Moab you must kill 25 people (24 with hardline) without dying to unlock the killstreak. What the Moab does is kill every player on the enemy team, EMP the enemy team for one minute and leaves a grainy look on the screen for everyone (simulating a post-nuke look.)

Why is it so much harder than the nuke in MW2 you might ask? Well, in MW2 you could use overpowered killstreaks to aid you in getting the nuke. The most widely used killstreaks were those such as the Harrier, Chopper Gunner, and Nuke which was 7, 11, and 25 kills. However, in MW3 you need to achieve these 25 kills without any assault killstreaks. So this requires pure skill (and maybe a little luck too.)

Good Video With Tips

Tips for a Moab

Even though getting a Moab is extremely difficult and no strategy is guaranteed to get the Moab, (that's on you) there are some strategy's that will help you out a little and increase your chance of getting that Moab. Here are some tips:

  • Stay Alive!!! The hardest part of the Moab is not getting 25 kills; it's staying the alive the whole time and not getting killed. Of course this is a lot more easier said than done.
  • Use specialist killstreak. This is a big help, of course assault is useless in terms of getting your Moab, and the support won't really do much. After 7 kills in a row however you unlock every perk in the game which helps in pretty much every situation. Also when you unlock the hardline killstreak you only need 24 kills to get the Moab and every 2 assists count as a kill.
  • Play Smart! This tip goes along with staying alive. Make sure you check all corners of an area before you proceed to move on. Also, always be aware of the time and score. If you're 2 kills away with a good amount of time left in the game don't go running full speed towards the other team only to get 1 kill and die one away. Stick to the edges of the map and play as if you only have one life. You will play a lot better, and die a lot less. I also recommend a silencer so the other team can't see you on the radar when you're killing their friends.
  • Play Certain Gametypes. First, if you are great at a certain game type in terms of kills then stick with it. However, certain game types are more advantageous for your Moab. I will go more in depth with this below.
  • Don't Get Angry! The last thing you need to do is being angry and leaving a controller sized hole through your wall. This is an extremely difficult thing to do and many people will never get one. However, if you're feeling really frustrated I recommend switching up your killstreaks and just playing for fun and try again later or another day.

Successful Gametypes

When you try to get a Moab there are definitely game types that help (and hinder) your chances of landing a Moab. Good gametypes are heavily objective based. These are any game modes that have objectives as a way to win. These are good because a majority of the players will be preoccupied fighting over the objectives like the flag or bombs. These are also good because the spawns don't change very often which means no one should be spawning behind you. Also, these gametypes don't end when a certain number of kills have been reached and last longer. This gives you more time to get that Moab. With that said, lets look into the various game modes that are helpful.

Domination This is a great gametype because of the three flags. If your team can control two of the flags there is a good chance the other team will become "spawn trapped" and will just be stuck trying to leave their spawn while you and your teammates can pick them off.

Headquarters This is also a great gametype because it gives you twenty minutes per match which is a lot longer than any other gametype. However, this is also great because it is so objective based. People will always be trying to secure the headquarters so if you stick near it you can pick people off as they try to get it.

Infection This is where a lot of people get their Moabs.This is great because the enemies don't have guns and can't shoot you. Basically the key is to get as many kills as you can while there are only a few infected and try to stick it out when things get crazy. Play smart and constantly be moving... No one wants to get tkilled with a throwing knife when they are a few kills away. Try to dig in a spot where there are only one or two entrances and try to stay prone for less chance of throwing knife kills. Remember staying alive is the key, the kills will come.

Good Moab Class

This is a good class for getting a Moab if you can use it right... Stick to the sides of the maps and try to avoid face to face contact. (Try to be behind or too the sides of your enemy, try not to let them see you before you shoot) Here is the setup:

  • Primary: ACR 6.8 (Silencer) This is one of the best all around guns in MW3- it has average damage with high accuracy and good rate of fire. There really isn't a down side to this gone. Also with a silencer the enemy can't spot you on the radar when you shoot.
  • Secondary: Any machine pistol or silenced pistol of your choice. Doesn't really matter because with scavenger you shouldn't run out of ammo, and there really isn't a situation the ACR can't handle.
  • Weapon Profiency: This is really up to you because the ACR is so well rounded. I usually prefer kick however.
  • Equipment: Claymores or Bouncing Betty's are good to put behind you or in doorways that lead to you to cover behind you. You only get one however, so be smart with it.
  • Special grenade: I would choose either flash/stun grenades (whichever you prefer) or a portable radar which can come in handy many times.
  • Perks: I'd go with Blind Eye, Assassin, and Dead Silence, but since you're using specialist eventually you will have all of them so this is really up to you. I would definitely keep Assassin however so you can't be spotted by radar.
  • Killstreak: Specialist is probably your best bet... However if Support is what you prefer then go for it. It's about what you do best with.
  • Death streak: This is irrelevant since you won't be dying!

Final Thoughts

Getting a Moab is the most difficult thing to do in any COD game... So don't get angry that you can't get it on your first try... Like everything it takes time and practice. Keep trying and constantly switch your weapons and play style until you find one that fits best for you. When you get that Moab you're going to feel an overwhelming sense of pride and joy. And remember one more thing... Don't Die!!! Good Luck in your quest for a Moab, and leave a comment telling me if this helped, any tips you have, or even some stories of how you got your Moab.

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      Adriano 3 years ago

      Hi Dwaye,There's a lot of value with your videos. Great job of lniayg out the´╗┐ core concepts of keyword research. People that need to learn more about these concepts are sure to benefit from this high value lesson!All the best,Jim Jinright

    • profile image

      HowToMoab 3 years ago

      Can I tell you this: Even though I try to stay alive as long as possible I get a 17 gun streak and then I die by a guy that knifed me in the back and also can you try to do tips for people who are new to the game? I played 4 or 5 days CoD MW3 and I am level Prestige 3 level 60 something. I would like that if you will do what I asked for. Thank you

    • TheDoItAllGuy profile image

      TheDoItAllGuy 5 years ago

      Awesome job in explaining and also formating this article on getting MOAB's!

    • Ciccarone profile image

      Ciccarone 5 years ago from In Your Computer

      Glad it helped, thanks for the comment!

    • snipsnap555 profile image

      snipsnap555 5 years ago

      Thanks! Great guide, lots of help