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Get Rid Of Barbie? Now You’ve Gone Too Far!

Updated on March 6, 2009
Barbie Vet!
Barbie Vet!
Barbie The Doctor!
Barbie The Doctor!
Charity Ball Barbie!
Charity Ball Barbie!


When I first heard it as a blurb on the evening news as they went to commercial I have to admit that I thought that the reason they were saying, “Barbie soon to be banned from shelves?” was that somehow the Barbies were being made in China and had lead eyelashes or something. It wasn’t until this morning when I was reading the news that the whole ugly story came out. Apparently a West Virginia lawmaker wants Barbie banned because (according to him) she promotes beauty over intelligence. Get rid of Barbie? Now you’ve gone too far! – Don’t Get Me Started!

What does a forty-something gay care about Barbie? First let me make it clear that I never had one and that I am not a “collector” of Barbies (as some people are convinced gays must all want dolls to play with…well, some do but let’s just say that neither Barbie nor Ken’s “parts” are up to what gays who want dolls are looking for). To be honest, I can take or leave her but I think that when we start making laws against Barbie we’re all headed to hell in a hand basket! First of all, is this something that lawmakers anywhere should be spending their time and tax payers’ money on at the moment? I mean shouldn’t we be trying to create jobs for people and help people keep roofs over their heads and food on their plates instead of worrying about that evil blonde plastic vixen?

And by the way, I don’t know where this lawmaker has been lately but it seems to me that Barbie does not just tool about in her “Dream Car” and go to her “Dream House” anymore. Barbie has gotten her veterinarian degree, medical degree and she is also very involved in charity work with her stunning charity benefit hostess look which benefited the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (as well as the cancer charity doll and the Heart Association doll, etc). Frankly I don’t even know how Barbie has time to do her hair in the morning with all she has to do and her little feet must just be killing her at the end of the day (anyone who has worn plastic shoes before will know this to be the case).

Look, I’m all for giving our children better self-esteem and better role models but you decide, who is better – Barbie or Rihanna who is going back to an abusive boyfriend? We all know Barbie wouldn’t stand for that crap and that if Ken so much as lifted his fully jointed hand to her she would Karate chop him (thanks to the fact that she IS a black belt in Karate). And do you know that there are actually studies out now that say our children are so narcissistic that they have no sense about them nor do they feel they should have to do anything they don’t want to do including being kind to others because no one is as important as they are?

I say we need Barbie in our lives and so do our kids. Does anyone else find it as sad as I do that five year olds want cell phones instead of Barbies or Transformers? Have you been down the toy aisle lately to see almost all the toys that you have to actually use your imagination with and aren’t fueled by engines or computer chips are selling for next to nothing and just sitting on shelves?

As with most things I have to (yes I’m ready for the angry emails) blame the parents. I think it’s a parent’s duty to tell their kids they can be anything they want but then follow it up with, “if you work hard enough.” I think it’s the parents who should be saying yes, Barbie IS beautiful but she’s just a doll, you’re more beautiful because you’re real and have a mind that can take in so much knowledge if you just work hard in school, can be nice to your siblings and know what it feels like to be loved.

Like most things in life, we’re lazy and we want to blame someone else. I remember loving my Lite Brite as a kid and even though I begged for the kit with the “extra pegs” (so that I could make Bugs Bunny like on the commercial) my parents encouraged me to try to make Bugs Bunny my own way with the pegs that I had. Maybe they were just cheap but maybe, just maybe they were teaching me a lesson about appreciating what I had and using my imagination. I chose the latter. So why ban Barbie when it’s the parents that should be helping their children maneuver through these lessons, not lawmakers? If the lawmakers really want to help children (and my nerves) they’ll get those kids away from OctoMom and not let her have a reality series! Get rid of Barbie? Now you’ve gone too far! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Barbie Hobbyist 7 years ago

      I agree with you. Barbie is just a doll - but what kind of doll! I had them as a kid, and I was always more interested in what "she did" than what she looked like. She was always kind, smart and adventurous. She used to go camping a lot, and swim, because these activities were my favourite when I was growing up. I think she spent about half an hour being a model, and I felt a little guilty about not allowing her to be a model after all being sold as one, but she was so much more fun being the tom boy I wanted her to be. I had imagination, and Barbie was, and still is, an endless muse for creativity and imagination to me, even today at the age of 34. If anyone wants to ban her... Hahah. Good luck to their politicians career! :D

      (Gay men though. They do like Barbie and Ken. Not for their parts, but for the fashions. About 10% of Barbie collectors are men, vast majority of which are probably gay, but not all.)

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 8 years ago from Madrid

      What a wonderful Barbie inspired rant! I couldn't agree more, even if I tried. Thanks for allowing me to vent through the read :-)