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Get a Captain Teemo Hat Now! - Captain Teemo on Duty!

Updated on August 5, 2013
Jessica Nigri as Teemo
Jessica Nigri as Teemo | Source

Teemo Hat

For all you Teemo fans out there, you should totally get a Teemo Hat when you play him. Not only are you going to dominate the game 10/0/10, you will become the best Teemo player in the world. Well, jokes aside, I think that the Teemo Hat is very cool and you cannot ignore the fact that even Jessica Nigri cosplays as Teemo. How can you not like that?

Teemo Hat
Teemo Hat | Source

Features of the Teemo Hat

There are some really distinct features of the Teemo Hat. There are 3 main parts:

  1. The Ears - This cannot be ignored as Teemo is famous for those cute little ears. This little Yordie won't be one without it.
  2. The Green Plush Hat - This is Teemo's signature color. It also blends in with the jungle, making it the perfect camouflage scout. "Up, two, three, four. Never underestimate the power of the scout's code!"
  3. The Recon Goggles - This is what gives him the swagger! The goggles also gives Teemo the "Scout's Code" and signifies what he does best, which is recon scouting. Check out some of the fans that bought the hat and what it looks like!

Recon Teemo
Recon Teemo | Source

Check out this Happy Teemo Fan

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Fan 1Fan 2Fan 3Fan 4
Fan 1
Fan 1 | Source
Fan 2
Fan 2 | Source
Fan 3
Fan 3 | Source
Fan 4
Fan 4 | Source

Fan's Wearing the Teemo Hat

You can check out how the hat would look when someone puts them on. There are countless people who buy and wear these as it is just so cool. I personally just ordered one and I cannot wait to get it!

You can tell from the right side of the page that plenty of people are huge Teemo fans and they all wear the hat proudly. I am going to wear mine when I get it in the mail and play LoL like a boss!

Teemo - Love Him or Hate Him

Teemo is a League of Legends(LoL) champion that is cute and cuddly. However, if you provoke him, he can be a deadly little kid.

In LoL, players either love him or hate him. So why do we get the extremes that you see? Well, Teemo has a very good(annoying if you are on the enemy team) level 6 ultimate skill called the Noxius Trap, which can be planted on the map. Anyone that steps on it takes poison magic damage over time and gets slowed.

He can also stealth when he stays still for 2 seconds. He camouflages with his surroundings and becomes part of it. With that said, he turns into a living ward for his team. Although he can be countered with oracle's elixir or true vision wards, people don't get them. That is why they get owned by Teemo and they complain about him.

I personally use him as a scout and "living ward" in my games. I try to lure them to the jungle and plant strategically placed mushrooms so that they step on it, making enemy champions visible on the map. This allows use to use more effective strategies against them. Anytime you control the map vision, the chances of winning will skyrocket. You can use that to your advantage and gank the enemy team.

The interesting part about Teemo is that he is also one of the most played Champion in League of Legends. His death ratio in a game is also very high as well. This is probably where the "Global Taunt" comes in. Most people in games would just target him and try to finish him off in team battles. Otherwise, this little kid wonder will wreak havoc!

Teemo Time!

Teemo and I Know It by PlentaKill


If you love Teemo, you need to get that hat! That makes you a Teemo lover! This little cute and cuddly champion is one of my favorites in the game. I GOT CHU!

Do you like Teemo?

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    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Lol Nate, its okay. We are guys. It's okay to say we see her cosplay because she is just gorgeous. She looks good in everything.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 4 years ago from California, United States of America

      I am definitely liking how Jessica Nigri looks in a Teemo hat...among other things. I almost didn't notice her hat! I'm loving the Cosplay thing, anyway, I have some friends who do it. Fun stuff, cool hat.