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Get the Scoop on Fidget Spinners

Updated on July 2, 2017

Just What is a Fidget Spinner Anyway?

Surely you’ve heard of the fidget spinner craze this year. Fidget this, and fidget that, finger spinners are here to stay for a while. But, what are they? What are they good for? Is the hype really “all that”?

Well, first, let me explain what a fidget spinner is. It’s a little gadget that was invented to entertain kids and adults alike. It is tri-sided and you hold it between your fingers and give it a spin. The fidget spinner spins for minutes, allowing you to be momentarily entertained. You can also do some pretty cool tricks with them.

Parents are buying multiple spinners for their children. Due to the claim that fidget spinners are helpful for those struggling from stress, ADHD, and autism, those struggling with such are purchasing them as well. Because they are so affordable, they make excellent gifts.

Should I buy a fidget spinner?

If you’ve got ten bucks to spare, absolutely. There are many cool fidget gadgets to choose from, with some sporting multi-colors and cool designs. Some even glow in the dark! Do they really relieve stress and help those who struggle with ADHD and autism? The jury is still out on that one, but they sure do make a great toy to fidget with just about anywhere.

How can a fidget spinner help me?

Well, do you ever feel fidgety? What about when you’re in an office meeting? On a plane? Waiting for an appointment? Do your kids like toys? (I mean, of course!) Kids are raving about fidget spinners. Just like any new fad, they’re talking about fidget spinners, asking their parents for them, and coming up with some pretty amazing tricks you can do with them.

Fidget spinners make excellent gifts

Now, I’m not going to say that your fidget gadget will make your child become more attentive, or be cured for any “issues” he or she may be having. But fidget spinners and cubes can be just as fun as many of the other toys you’ve purchased. They also make for a great toy to collect with all the various colors and shapes available.

How do I get a fidget spinner?

There are various places to buy a fidget spinner online. If you buy at your local store, you’re going to pay more, but if you purchase online, you’ll get them for a great, low price. You’ll just have to wait a bit longer for shipping because they’re being shipped internationally. Still, grabbing one for just a few bucks is worth the wait. AND, don’t forget that Christmas is just a few months away, so order all your fidget spinners and fidget gadgets now!

Fidget spinner review

I think the gadgets are ingenious. They’re fun to spin and watch, especially the customized ones that light up or glow in the dark. I’ve heard through the grapevine that fidget spinners help those who bite their nails stop, at least for a while. They also help relieve boredom when you’re sitting somewhere and you’re not able to fidget with your phone. Because you know most people like to fidget with their phones!

Beware of cheap, plastic spinners

Watch out for suppliers who promise you the best, but their quality is low. You’ll end up with a cheap, plastic fidget spinner that breaks easily and is loud when it spins. There are some reputable online stores out there, so be sure to check them out.

If you want one like mine, you can purchase one just like it right now!


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Fidget Spinners are the hottest toy of 2017. As far a toys for children, they're the way to go for some fun and focus.


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