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Bass Amplifier Buying Tips

Updated on May 20, 2011

The volume and quality of a normal guitar amplifier are not closely linked; of course it can be played loudly or quietly. There are various effects that you can add on to enhance the sound of your amp and one of the most favorite one is overdrive. With an overdrive, more power equals to stronger distortion and by all means this is the first effect that most rock guitar player buys when starting out.

Nevertheless, your guitar will sound perfectly clear even if being played in the lover volume range; so you don't need to spend a lot of money on high end guitar amplifier. A cheap one works well too and you will be able to play with other musicians and be heard quite well too.

On the other hand, things are a little bit different for a bass amplifier. There are very good cheap bass amps out there but you might run into problem when playing with them. The bottom line is that you can get a cheap bass amp but make sure that it has enough power.

You see, most people even though they are very good in musics are just simply not too good at hearing very low sounds. Human's audio acuity range in the bottom half is much lower and for that your bass amplifier needs to be able to pump out quite a bit of wattage to make the sound. Otherwise, the lower end of the sonic spectrum will be all there, but it's inaudible when you play it.

However, this doesn't meant that you need to spend a lot when getting a bass amplifier. Like any other electronic products, you will get a better quality amp with the more amount of money that you spend on it. It's in a direct proportion. However, if you're willing to get a second hand bass amp, you could always get a very good deal.

You might be wondering why?

It's simply because almost everyone wants to try out guitar or bass at one point in their lives. It just like a culture where most people will pass through it. The problem is 90% of these people give it up eventually. You see, to learn to play the guitar is easy but to master it is another thing.

Do you think is easy to become the 'Legendary Slash' or 'Eddie Van Halen'?

For whatever the reasons, second hand guitars and basses are some of the most easy to find musical instruments out there. You can find them in your local store that deals with used items or even at musics store. There are just so many out there and in fact, if you know what to look for, you can get quite a discount.

By the way, if you play rock music specifically, you shouldn't waste money on a high fidelity bass amplifier. It's not worth it and instead you should allocate more money on something that is low tech but more powerful. It can still get you that fuzzy, rock and roll sound that you crave but at a whole lot less of money. Look around before going to get your bass amp, you will definite find it. Try eBay or your local classifieds listing, more people are giving up their musical instruments everyday, at least more than you can imagine.


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