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RPG Video Games Where Drinking Is Fun

Updated on January 5, 2013

Getting drunk in RPGs is fun. In most of them you can 'feel' the character being drunk because the screen turns all foggy and maybe you have slight troubles controlling your character. These are just standard symptoms of your character being drunk in a role playing game. A lot of different games offer different experiences of being drunk. Here is a collection of the most interesting and funny drunk stories from the experience of my RPG characters (only some of them got harmed during the process and I'm not sure if I recall exactly which ones... hic!). When playing a RPG it's always good to know some lore, some background of the game world you're in (and planning to get drunk) to make your experience unique and different from other world drunk experiences. However, as far as I know, all game worlds that have alcohol offer inns and drink vendors. In some games your character can brew the ale, wine and other beverages himself/herself/itself.

Most of games offer a gradual way how to get drunk - first you get a little tipsy. The world starts to seem a bit blurrier, foggier and more beautiful. I never knew there is sooo much pink in these flowers, awww. Then there is the really drunk phase where the character can't walk straight, occasionally falls down, and sometimes even hear voices in the head. You can hear the little creepy voices in the LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online) video. The elf voice isn't as creepy as my very first LOTRO character - little and cute female hobbit minstrel. There is a common saying which tells that one can get so drunk that one sees little white mice running all over the room. LOTRO has given me the option to experience hearing little (I assume, white) mice while my character was drunk. And I normally have strong nerves, but that little tweeting directly in the head freaked me out a lot. However, a kinship member of mine actually enjoys LOTRO drunk role playing (especially when he is drunk in real life).

Other nice extra that LOTRO offers is smoking pipes. Farmers can grow pipe weed and players can smoke it. Although Tolkien has written about Gandalf and other characters smoking pipe, it was Peter Jackson who created the idea that Gandalf can puff not only smoke rings but smoke ships, smoke dragons and smoke butterflies with a little bit of help by magic. And you can not only get drunk in this RPG but also smoke pipe and blow out smoke in different shapes too.

There is also an item in LOTRO called the Inn League Sinister Keg which is a very, very sinister keg. It is filled with some foul stuff which wouldn't be wise to drunk. But that's why we made our characters. When one drinks from this keg, he gets smashed (with all that fancy bubbly animation and creepy mice voices) and awakes in a random location on the Middle Earth - The Bree jail, an iceberg or in the middle of the highest level elite monsters. ^^ This keg is pretty much as the The Last Relic of Argus in World Of Warcraft PLUS the drinking part.

Another interesting experience was when getting drunk in a RPG named Skyrim. There was a quest "A Night To Remember" where my character participated in the drinking contest, passed out and woke up in the temple of Dibella, married and as it turned out later - a goat thief.

However, my all time favorite getting drunk in RPG is in the World of Warcraft. WoW has all the classy, trashy, smashy ways how to show your character is drunk. Some small extras is that a hypnotic circle appears on the top of the character and he/she vomits a small fountain of yellowish green puke.It is known as the Drunken Vomit. It is cathegorized as a spell in WowHead and apparently the stat Haste makes the cast time faster...

But one thing makes WoW really special - it's the shape shifting ability of druids. Druids in WoW can turn into bears, cats, moonkins (owlbeasts) and even trees. There are also three travel forms - cheetah, aquatic form and flight form that looks like a bird. The aquatic druid form looks like an otter (?? to me it just looks ugly) and helps the druid to travel via water. The druid can take the form of this creature only in water. My favorite WoW character was a druid and although I didn't play on RPG server I loved role playing so drinking was just a part of it. Then one day while role playing with friends drinking in the Beer Garden in Dalaran (yeah, Alliance only) I started to fool around by changing forms and discovered that the hypnotic ring and emerald puke animation work for different druid forms. So I went to the water source in the city (Dalaran fountain) to test if it works also in aquatic form and it did - I could get drunk and puke in aquatic form. A wonderful sparkly green stream came out of my characters mouth (later known as the druid fluid) and the new idea was born - there will be an aquatic show in Dalaran. So I advertised the show in the local chat and went to the fountain and did the show in aquatic form. I wonder why so many people felt trolled? Hehe. Actually I am ashamed of this now, but back then it felt like an amazing idea. In spite of that, this was still one of my favorite drunk in RPG experiences.


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    • Eranofu profile image

      Eranofu 6 years ago from Europe

      Oh yeah I forgot theshe shhhhs which shuddenly appear on the chat when on ish drunk in wow...hic!

      And yeah, dwarves. :D

      Unleash the Boomkin... xD Hahahaha, it could be some kind of spiritual movement - find your inner boomkin and unleash it. That's the only bird that shoots laser beams out of its wings.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Haha! An excellent read, entertaining me from start to finish. I was gonna say that WoW's drunken "capabilities" are awful, but when you say they're trashy, I suppose I can't complain. It doesn't effect the gameplay on a massive scale, other than change the word filter, adding a "H" to everything beginning with "s", and "...hic!" at the end of random sentences. There's also a quest in the Forsaken questline about zepellin fuel tanks being filled with ale, exploding and bringing them down. So you're on a quest to kill ettins and.... retrieve alcohol. Not to mention the Dwarves who start you off by getting blankets, food, weapons and... ale.

      Love the "druid fluid" thing too! You've gotta copyright it before I make it into an energy drink! "DRUID FLUID! Unleash the BOOMkin in you!"