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Getting started in YouTube pt.2 (Equipment)

Updated on March 12, 2016

What you may find yourself buying.

Okay, yesterday we talked about the steps to getting started in YouTube. Now we are going to go in to detail on each section. Today I want to talk about equipment, because this is the driving force behind your channel.

So keeping the gaming thyme you will first need to buy a computer. Now don't just buy any computer, this can hurt your channels success before you start. You will need the right PC or laptop for the job. I bought an iBUYPOWER gaming PC. You know; the ones that have all the cool looking LED's in them. Now most of us have heard of AlienWare and they are great PCs, however they are not cheap. Two thousand is the cheapest one I found so it is pricey. iBUYPOWER cost around five hundred and fifty dollars with tax. The best part is it does the same things. Look at it as a starter PC. When I stream live I want to know my computer can run the stream, my twitter account, my facebook fan page, and all of the sub-programs needed to run a good stream without dropping frames. The iBUYPOWER does not come with a monitor. How ever it does come with a mouse and keyboard.

You will now need to invest in a good monitor. Some people might decide to go with a television, but don't. t.v.s aren't meant to play games on for the PC. You will notice a lag in your game. Now with that said I have a dual monitor set-up. I use a t.v. as my second. I use the t.v. screen to have FB, twitter, and a few other programs running on that screen and I play the game on the computer monitor. If you set your computer up like mine; by using at t.v. you will save between ten-twenty dollars depending on the brands you go with.

For your game plays you will need a great microphone. I personally love the blue yeti. It has an unbelievable pick, which makes your commentaries sound so much better than most other Microphones, and at around one-hundred twenty-nine dollars it is a great price.

Speakers are key in your set-up. I found a nice pair with a sub-woofer included for less than fifty dollars. These will come in handy for your skype calls, or team speak. That is if you record with other people.

The next item isn't important but does help if you want to do a facecam. Some monitors do come with a webcam, but if it doesn't you can pick them up for less than twenty dollars. They are perfect if you want to play scary games because your fans will want to see you react to the scare.

Now you want to get a good editing software. This will ensure you are able to chop up your game plays for your channel.

Now you could stop there and spend around twelve-hundred for this set up. If you want to do console game plays they you will need to add the console and games in to the price.

Most controllers are wireless so unless you want a battery bill, I suggest buying a wireless controller charger. I have a dual controller charger that came with the re-chargeable batteries for about twenty-four dollars.

Finally you want to buy a good surge protector with noise cancellation. The reason being is all electric and internet will have noise in the lines. It does come through in your recordings believe it or not. They can get price but you can get them for around seventy -ninety dollars.

One tip for getting your equipment cheaper. I went to best buy and asked to speak with the manager. When I spoke with him I told him I was starting up a YouTube channel and wanted to buy all of my stuff there. I have all ways love shopping at his/her store and would like to buy all of my equipment there. Then give him your budget and ask them if you might be able to get a discount. The store manager of where I went knocked off a good chunk of money. For example; my yeti cost one-hundred twenty-nine dollars, he took off thirty for me and there was a special promotion that if I bought one I also got a thirty dollar best buy gift card.

Also one last tip. If you are getting into YouTube to make it a career then buy yourself a printer and hang on to all of the receipts. Use the printer to print off any purchases you make online for your channel. The reason being is that is a business write off.

I hope this was very useful for you. Later I will post another article right here about budgets and schedules. So until then take care and I'll see you next time.


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