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Getting Revenge Online In Halo Multiplayer

Updated on December 29, 2008
We've all been there. Playing Halo on Xbox Live in multiplayer mode, and then getting brutally killed by another online player who does nothing but talk trash. There is very little you can do, but with a little help from friends, you can turn the tables. Sniping, although considered by many to be a cheap and cowardly way to get a kill, is an effective way to send the message. It will infuriate the trash talking player and cause him to start name calling, but he won't stand much of a chance trying to kill you without a long range weapon. If this guy is a complete jerk and annoys pretty much everyone playing, you could form a pact with the other online players and gang up on him. No matter how good a player he is, he will not be able to stay alive for very long with everyone firing at him. You can continue this mass assault until he gets the point, or until you feel like stopping. While you won't make a friend out of him, you will have the satisfaction of shutting his annoying mouth up


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      chase 10 years ago

      hey, do you have live? if you do, add me, ok? my account name is