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Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Conflict Multiplayer Tips (Do Not Run And Gun)

Updated on May 29, 2012

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Conflict Game Mode in Multiplayer

There are a few multiplayer game modes in Ghost Recon Future Soldier and one of them is called Conflict. Conflict is basically an objective based game where teams are assigned an objective and must complete it in a certain amount of time. If the team completes the objective they will earn 100 points and any bonus points for killing enemies attacking the objective point.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Conflict Summary

  • Objective Game Type
  • 15 Minute Time Limit
  • Respawns: Yes
  • Rounds: 1

Do Not Run-and-Gun in Conflict!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is much different from games like Call of Duty. The game is much more "tactical." It is more important to stay behind cover, run to cover, and fire behind cover. While you can kill enemies while running or out of cover, it usually is not optimal in most situations. You must be patient when playing Conflict.

Also it is important to recon the area of the objective location. Look for enemies near it. While an objective point may look "clear," more often than not, enemy players are waiting behind cover to shoot you. Do not rush to an objective point until you think it is clear.

Team work is also essential in Ghost Recon Future Soldier's Conflict game mode. Move up with your team mates when trying to secure an objective. Communicate with team members (if they have mic). And if you do not know, at least say something just in case. Say things like "enemies near objective" or "enemy sniper watching objective location." Enemy snipers are very dangerous because they can eliminate players from the objective area so their team mates can secure it easier.

Assisting Team Mates in Future Soldier Conflict

Getting a lot of kills is simply not enough to win in Ghost Recon Future Soldier's Conflict game mode. Since your team earns points for completing objectives, it is essential that you eliminate enemy players attacking or defending the objective. Killing enemies in other areas of the map may delay the enemy team, but killing ones attacking the objective directly is much more important generally.

Make use of the Engineer's sensor grenades to spot enemy positions. These are especially useful when throwing them near an objective point. If enemy players are near sensor, it will show them on your HUD as red targets (even if they are behind cover).

If you find it difficult to secure an objective point, throw frag grenades next to the enemy's cover. Even if it does not kill them, it will "flush them out of cover." This gives you and your team mates a chance to eliminate them with weapons. Flash grenades are also useful when large groups of enemies are defending an objective. Throw one and move in for the kill!

UAV drones are also great for spotting enemies near an objective point or behind cover etc. Even though you may not be able to get kills, spotting enemies will help your squadmates tremendously. Don't just be the player who runs around killing randomly (if you want to win).

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Conflict Tips Summary

  • Do not run and gun! Use cover to eliminate enemies and avoid gun fire. Move up when you think the area in front of you is clear. This is essential for securing objectives.
  • Throw Sensor Grenades near objective points to display possible enemy positions. This helps both you and team mates.
  • Throw frag grenades to kill or flush out enemy positions. If you toss one very close to an enemy, they have no choice but to either run (exposing them) or get killed by the frag.
  • Use UAV drones to help players on your team secure an objective point.
  • Speak to other players on your team! Warn them of snipers, enemy positions, or simply work together securing objectives!
  • Large group of enemies in a room or small area? Throw flash grenades then move up with your team mates. The enemies can still kill you while they are blinded, however. Proceed with caution!


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    • SocialJeremy profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice tips David.

      Sadly, not many people (at least when I play) actually communicate. Such an underutilized thing that makes all the difference.

      I especially like your tip about not running and gunning. Shooters like GRFS are a different beast where running and gunning will get you shredded.

      Use that cover!

      Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.



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