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Giant & Unique RC Helicopters For Sale, Large Remote Control Helicopter For Children and Big Kids.

Updated on March 28, 2014

Giant & Unique RC Helicopters For Sale, Large Remote Control Helicopter For Children and Big Kids.

Remote controlled flying toys are by far the most desired and requested RC toys in the world.

The awesome acrobatics and dynamic flying scenarios created by the individual are only otherwise available in dreams.

These large helicopters have an amazing WOW! FACTOR. Upon the initial viewing, this mean machine of the skies is very impressive and absolutely gorgeous.

The manoeuvrability is similar to the original smaller style of remote controlled infra red helicopters. These models are for use outdoors or in large internal areas.

The bigger the better. The giant rc helicopters for sale offer ample opportunities for family adventures and can inspire young children to a life of engineering qualities.

53 Inch RC Helicopter

This giant remote controlled helicopter certainly has the WOW! factor. A colossal 53" long with side lights for nighttime flying.

Easily controlled like its smaller cousin with a built in gyro for stability. Forward, reverse, up and down as well as left and right directional functions.

Twin counter rotating rotor blades for extra stability whilst flying. Designed for external use on windless days or large internal areas.

Comes virtually ready to fly, simply connect charged battery and Ariel. An excellent customer service for any problems after purchasing.

Made in China, the instruction leaflet is not very clear, but mainly self explanatory. 10 minutes flying time on a full charge.

For more information and reviews, please click on the smaller image.

50 Inches of playing power.

Recommended for ages 15 years and upwards. An excellent Christmas or birthday gift for the would be aviator.

Designed for intermediate level of flying experience. Made of stainless steel and rigid plastic.

Please note that all remote controlled helicopters for sale, no matter how cheap, thrifty, or expensive, can break upon a harsh impact or landing.

For external use in slight winds or for masses of internal fun in large internal areas.

50 " long by 15" high with a small 7 minutes flying time on a full three hour charge. The larger the helicopter, the shorter the flying time on each full charge, but still a very impressive gift.

Click on the smaller image for technical details

41 Inch Flying RC Helicopter

This 41 inch rc helicopter is exactly the same as the battery operated remote control helicopter above, only smaller.

Excellent as an impressive first time remote control helicopter for younger children but more for a more experienced pilot.

A built in gyro helps keep the machine stable whilst in the air. The multi rotors help make take offs' and landing more smooth and is fully directional.

Electric battery operated with a flying time of approximately 7 minutes on a full charge. Spare batteries are advised if more flying time is required.

Kids love this size of helicopter compared to most other sizes. The smaller models are good for interal use, but for external pleasure, this is the perfect size. Impressive to view and not to big to handle.

18" Chinook Battery Operated RC Helicopter.

The Chinook is one of the worlds most recognizable helicopters. Although this rc helicopter is not as large as the other models on this page, it is still a sizable 18 inches long and 10 inches tall.

Designed to be flown in large internal areas or outside on a day where there is NO wind present.

Fully directional with up, down, left, right, forward and reverse gears with altitude and rotor speed control.

8 - 12 minutes flying time on a 45 minute charge, one of the best flying times compared to charging ratio of most of the larger remote controlled helicopters for sale.

For ages 14 years and upwards with a little flying experience. A unique 100 foot radius control range.

Made in China with an instruction booklet difficult to understand. But the helicopter already comes ready to fly with little maintenance.

NB: Unlike many other RC helicopters, spare rotor blades are easily obtainable.

Please click on the smaller images for color variations, discounts, and larger selections available.


It should be noted that although remote control helicopters are extremely good fun, their life span can be very short.

If landed very abruptly, they can tip over and the rotor blades can easily be broken. Many children not used to flying them have been left in tears because they have broken their new toy on its maiden flight.

It is recommend that these larger flying toys are only bought for youths at the age of 15 years and above with a bit of experience in using remote control machines.

The rotor blades, when on full power, can also cut or bruise skin if the machine accidentally hits a person.


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