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Gift Ideas for Your Gamer; Products and Brands to Look At

Updated on October 26, 2011
Excellent website for gamer clothing, stickers, mugs, etc.
Excellent website for gamer clothing, stickers, mugs, etc. | Source

Buying a gift for someone who is a gamer can often be a difficult thing, unless you too are a gamer and know what they like. I am a hardcore gamer, and have repeatedly been told by family members and my significant other that they hate buying "gamer stuff" for me, simply because they don't know what I would like. Apart from the obvious gift card or popular video game title that you know they want, there are some other ideas that I will try to help you with.

Now based on the type of platform they play on (Xbox 360, PS3, Gaming Computer, etc.) this will influence your decision, as not all products are cross-compatible with each other, though some are. I will break down the gift ideas by platform with links to specific brands. Your best bet, when buying for a gamer, is still to ask them what they want. Some are very picky about products that they use, while others simply enjoy new shiny things. If you really want to surprise them, however, these brands will not let you down.

Before we get started, I want to mention that when buying "gamer gear" NEVER follow the high price must equal better quality rule by itself. Always do a search, I usually use Amazon, to check user reviews on products before you buy them. Now let's look at what to look for, how to recognize good brands, and what to buy for that gamer close to you.



Now I don't want this article to seem like a walking advertisement, I am not sponsored by any of these companies. I simply wish to help out those who have gamers in their families that want to surprise them with a gift, and may not know what to look for. I know first hand that this can be difficult as I get told so every holiday and birthday season.To my fellow gamers out there, feel free to share this article with your friends and family if you wish to use it as a "hint-hint" sort of thing.


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  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Thanks for the comment SEOjoe. Glad to see that I was on the right track with this list.

  • SEOjoe profile image

    SEOjoe 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    nice hub, there're some good ideas here, i play a fair few games and gotta admit would be happy getting pretty much anything on this list : )

  • bankruptcyfiling profile image

    bankruptcyfiling 6 years ago from Huntington Beach,CA

    Hey lovely ideas...i was searching such type of idea to offer gift to my lovely made my job easy..

  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Excellent suggestion... I'll add that in.

  • davenmidtown profile image

    David Stillwell 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

    Rechargeable batteries ... now that's a gift I love. It is true that is difficult to buy the perfect gift for a gamer...Your recommendations are perfect! Nice hub!