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Giftbag Mailbag: Episode 2 - 10 Things That Make The PS4 The Greatest Console In The World

Updated on December 3, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

(Image - gaming room, Pinterest) - its time to get your gaming gear ready, as the PS4 is all about going strong, beating down all opposing teams with the skill-set that only comes once in a gaming generation
(Image - gaming room, Pinterest) - its time to get your gaming gear ready, as the PS4 is all about going strong, beating down all opposing teams with the skill-set that only comes once in a gaming generation
(Image - PS4 Pro box) - PS4 Pro allows for 4K gaming, and full HDR entertainment
(Image - PS4 Pro box) - PS4 Pro allows for 4K gaming, and full HDR entertainment

Quick Pick Intro. - for the PS4 console

It is December now, and that means we are less than a month away from the big gift-giving day, and the next-generation console gaming system is likely high on the list for anyone buying for a teenager. If this is the case, then there is pretty much 4 options, and 2 of the 4 are Xbox One consoles, and the final 2 are PS4 consoles. Crazy right! Video-gaming is super cool in 2017, as there has been the mega giant release of Call of Duty: WWII, the greatest Call of Duty game that fans have seen in years, and the multiplayer in “WWII” is everything that we have been dreaming of.

Xbox One is Not Listed, and that is because we find the console system to be somewhat too commercial for our tastes, as the PlayStation 4 console is all about the gamer, and is still able to capitalise on giving, and fulfilling all of those entertainment needs, as the PS4 has all of the trimmings, making for a perfect way to stream Blu-Rays, access movie/TV online streaming apps, such as Netflix, NOW TV, and even lets you stream music through YouTube and Spotify.

PS4 - "For the Gamer” - Don’t we know it.

The PlayStation 4 is a gamers dream come true, as they have everything that we have been hoping for with the next-generation gaming system, and to say the console was first released back in 2013, it would immediately seem as though there may be some technological drawbacks, but through the PS4 Pro, the higher storage, faster running PS4 console can handle far greater digital gaming storage, and even offers the gamer the ability to stream in HDR and 4K resolutions. Now, that’s the technology everyones talking about, so be sure to check out the PS4 Pro gaming system before buying the PS4 Slim without first having all of the information to go on.

Top 10 Things That Make The PS4 Great

In no specific order, here’s the countdown to the best of the best reasons to why the PlayStation 4 console is the best next-generation console gaming system in 2017.

No.10 - PS4 Gaming Exclusives

Yep, there are of course the exclusive video-games that are only accessible on the PlayStation 4, and the biggest and brightest of them all is Unchartered (the series), Horizon Zero Dawn, and Bloodborne. Lets not forget that for all of the Call of Duty buffs out there (we know who we are), the Call of Duty content in 2017 releases first on the PlayStation 4, and that means that the first DLC content pack for Call of Duty: WWII, titled The Resistance, will release on 30th January, 2018, an entire 30 days before the Xbox One console users receive the content (on 30th February, 2018). Unfair! Sure is, but the games console wars are truly in effect, and the PS4 90% of the time comes out on top.

No.9 - The PS4 Pro Console Design - We Dig It!

Console choices are only ever abundant in the smallest of amounts, and choosing between the Xbox One and the PS4 console gaming systems can be difficult, and because most of the specifications are very similar between the two on offer, it can sometimes boil down to the basic designs of the consoles themselves. Trust me, images do not do justice to either of the consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4, and they only improve in looks when we upgrade to the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. Really, the Xbox One and the Xbox One have both been designed to sit firmly to the table, whereas the PS4 Pro can be sat on its side, and this can be somewhat of a convenience for many console owners with limited space on the entertainment system in the living room area. Oh, but the PS4 Slim is much more comfortable whilst it is sat down, but for those wondering, it can be sat on its side, and the Xbox One (or X) simply isn’t practical when sat on its side.

No.8 - PS4 Dominance - The PS4 Pro Did It First

For those completely unaware of the flagship items of the Sony and Microsoft consoles, Sony has the PS4 Pro, and then, Microsoft has the Xbox One X. Those who come through the market first, are those who have full awareness of what the mass consumers want, and the PS4 Pro certainly stands out on the shelves, even when compared to the newly released Xbox One X, a console that does basically everything that the PS4 Pro does.

Does the Xbox One X do it better? Newer, it is. But, this does not necessarily make the flagship console from Microsoft the best, as the PS4 Pro is still a leader on the video-gaming marketplace, and to be quite frank, the PS4 Pro feels like its the better of the two. We are in the strong belief that the PS4 is the best console in the entire world, and the Xbox One simply exists besides the PS4 on the same marketplace.

No.7 - PS4 Controller Kingdom - Where The Best Video-Gaming Controller Can Be Found

There is so much in difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 games controllers, and there always has been. The PlayStation 3 console controller felt like it was short and stubby in the hands, whereas the Xbox 360 controller felt smooth and comfortable for those with larger hands. Sadly, the Xbox One controller has fallen from the heavens, as the controller looks and feels like a step backwards in games controller innovation, making this a very sad day in deed. Then unleashed the PS4 controller, a larger in size controller (than the PS3’s) that feels brilliant in the hand, and has certainly been a day of improvement for the Sony PlayStation brand.

No.6 - Finally, Stable Online Servers Over at the PlayStation Network - Online Gaming Just Got Better

Online gaming is key over on the PlayStation 4, as everyones top pick video-games are the ones that they can play with their pals, and Sony, on the launch of the PlayStation 4 console back in 2013, changed their online access restrictions, the biggest factor of which being the £40 online access fee that must be paid yearly (or on a month-by-month scheme) to play games online.

Honestly, it is worth the additional £40 when investing in a new games console in 2017, as the next-generation games are all about online game modes, and competitive online gaming has been proven to reel in a whole new audience that may not have otherwise thought to pick up a copy of the title, of which they now play, online. Think of it like this (for all those who preferred Sony's business practices for the PS3, in offering free online access for all entertainment services). Microsoft initially were the first games console manufacturers to charge their users for accessing all online features (be it multiplayer gaming, Netflix, or whatever), having been implemented through the LIVE interface on the Xbox 360, and this same online access system was rolled out onto the Xbox One. Now, like Microsoft's Xbox LIVE system, Sony have adapted their business model for PlayStation 4 online access, by now charging the same online access fee as the LIVE on the Xbox One.

What the £40 one off fee for a years worth of PlayStation 4 online access gives us is complete access to all online features; and this might be for playing multiplayer on Call of Duty, streaming Netflix direct to your TV, and there is a whole wide range of digital games that are only accessible through the online access through PSN (PlayStation Network). Also, that sweet yearly price deal of £40 for all online access, gives us the stability of online servers, as what really put a dint in the PlayStation 3 online gaming experience was the shaky servers that would sometimes feel nearly 5 times as bad as the Xbox 360 online servers when there were connection difficulties.

No.5 - It's Sony! - Why Buy From Anyone Else

Sony, the one of the worlds leading technological corporations, selling a wide range of electrical goods that live in your living room; such as televisions, speakers, PC's/laptops, and the greatest of them all, the PlayStation gaming system.

Microsoft, on the other hand, delivers very little for as to what will be placed in your living room, and the list would be something like; the PC, the PC's office software, and then the Xbox gaming system. All in all, there really isn't a lot of difference between the offerings of the two major corporation brands, but the odds stack up heavily in favour of Sony's PlayStation 4 when considering all of the Sony items that live on your entertainment unit.

Of course, on an entertainment unit, it only really makes sense to have an entertainment system, and Sony are fast innovators in the field of video-gaming, and they never miss a hit, as the PlayStation is still the fastest growing gaming community in the gaming business. Sony's PlayStation has some real history, in being the young peoples favourite console to own and experience at a very young age, and the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and now the PlayStation 4 have all proven this to be so.

No.4 - PS4 Controller Has A Neato Function That Enables A Player To Share Gameplay Of A Game That They Own With A Friend, And This Allows The Friend Player To Play The Game Even Though They Don't Actually Own It

All of the above, and perhaps one of the most productive purposes that this function gives is the ability to share our gameplay with a friend on their PS4 console, and enable them to complete a mission that has become a struggle to complete by ourselves, and the best part is, no one has to wait around for this to happen, since the PS4 controller has the game/gameplay share button access.

No.3 - PS4 Controller Is Quirky - The LED Built In Lights Are A Nice Touch

Sure, a built-in LED light on the front surface of the PS4 wireless controller may not seem like a big deal, and to be fair, it really isn't. But, on the other hand, it does give the controller an edge in overall appeal, giving it the aesthetic design that lots of gamers have fast taken to over the past few years that the PS4 console has been around.

What will people say about the LED lights on the PS4 controller? Perhaps, along the lines of, it pleases me to see a beacon of infectious and delightful glows as we play the console late into the night, but it terms of serving a purpose, it honestly doesn't. Still, it has a certain modernistic appeal that lots will take to.

No.2 - The PS4 Pro Is A Thing Of Beauty

Its the start of December now, and that means we are less than a month of days away from Christmas morning, the morning when there will be boys and girls, men and women, opening their wintery, festivity enthused gifts - and for many this will be the gift of PlayStation, the PS4 console.

There could be a million and one reasons why someone might want to have the Xbox One over the PS4 this Christmas, and if one of these reasons is that this someone has friends who play on that particular console, then this would be reason enough to edge away from the PS4 console. Many other reasons may be strong in the minds of individuals, that makes the Xbox One the destination of choice, when considering next-generation gaming, and these individuals should stick to their guns, and forget all about the PlayStation 4.

However, there are also a couple of million and one reasons why someone might want to have the PS4 over the Xbox One console, and if this is the case (all biases aside) the choice was a fair one, as the Xbox One has some steep competitive edges, as it is the proceeding console from the much beloved gamers haven once known as the Xbox 360. The PS4 Pro is the best console that money can buy, and the rest is history, whereas the PS4 is a part of history in the making.

Why PS4 Pro? The PS4 Slim the simplest form of a PS4 console that sits in wait on the marketplace, and the PS4 Pro is the older brother of the PS4 Slim, boasting double the storage space (great, as games take up a heap ton of space on the PS4) which rounds out at 1TB, and functionalities that the PS4 Slim doesn't have, such as the ability to game/stream in full HDR and a 4K resolution. The PS4 Pro is perfect those who are tech enthusiasts, and own a television that is 4K, HDR ready, and then of course perfect for those with a lot of games to store. Really, the PS4 Slim can run out of storage space (500GB) with just 4 full games downloaded on the console, quite ridiculous if we're being honest, but games can be deleted (and then reinstalled at a later date) if there isn't enough space on the hardware. The most part of the space is taken up by online gaming content, so bare that in mind the next time you buy an online title.

No.1 - The PS4 Controller Is An Audio Device

Believe it or not, the PS4 controller probably has one of the greatest features of all, and the amount of gamers that would likely want to use this feature, would flow in the millions.

The golden gem feature that makes the PS4 the great console, and not the lame one? The PS4 controller can be used as an audio device to listen to in-game mic and gameplay sounds. Why is this so great? Just think about it, as there is always going to be an itch that needs to be scratched at 3AM on a Saturday morning (say, for instance) to go play some Call of Duty/Need for Speed/Assassin's Creed, only people are sleeping and do not want to be rudely awaken in the house by roaring gunfire or car engines, so the PS4 controller feature that allows a player to plug in their headphones into the PS4 controller to listen through headphones to all gameplay and mic sounds is a life saver. Sure, this feature may not be used all of the time, but it is always great to know that there is the option to listen to all gameplay (option for sound setting) and sounds through headphones when the need becomes present.

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