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Gifts For Boys, Clothing And Outdoor Games

Updated on May 25, 2017

Outdoor fresh air and sun

Great for kids to be enjoying the great outdoors instead of always being glued to the T.V. and video games.

Indoor and outdoor fun!

Cool tree house adventures!
Cool tree house adventures! | Source

Who loves to climb trees?

Enjoying the fresh air and being high up in a tree, sounds like fun to me!

Boys Clothing And Accessories


Cool Outdoor Gear

Love these cool bags for boys and the shoes!

Fun Toys For Boys

Action Fun When Playing
Action Fun When Playing | Source

Fun Time With Your Train

Dad loves train sets as much as the kids. Mine did!

Train Sets Are Popular.

Enjoyment Assembling The Train
Enjoyment Assembling The Train | Source

Fun Filled Energetic Gift Ideas

Boys love expending much energy and what better way than on outside activities!

Swing And Slide Outside

Out in the fresh air playing with friends!
Out in the fresh air playing with friends! | Source

Build A Tree House For Your Son!

If Dad has time on his hands maybe he would like to build a tree house in the garden!

Colourful Clothing For An Outing

  • Love these colourful tee shirts and bright sneakers for a casual look.
  • Blue and neon orange is such a great combination for boys.

Our Grandson's Enjoying Zipline


Casual Clothing For Boys

Out And About Casual Wear
Out And About Casual Wear | Source

Skateboarding Is Popular Among Boys

Skateboarding has taken off in a big way and is classed as a sport!


Some More Gift Giving Ideas

  • Take the boys on a hike along the coast. Pack a picnic lunch to take with them. Cupcakes are easier to carry than a big cake.
  • Let your son choose his gift at a book or toy store.
  • Local water slide at the beach is also a good idea. Boys can expend all their excess energy too!
  • Creating the best pirate face at a party can be a source of fun and laughter. Present a prize for the best one.

More Gift Ideas For Boys

Fun Filled Gift Ideas
Fun Filled Gift Ideas | Source

A Tent Is Fun!

  • A tent is such fun for boys.If it is big enough, they can sleep in it too!


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    • Diana Abrahamson profile image

      Diana Abrahamson 13 months ago from t Francis Bay

      I love a tree house because when I was young used to climb trees and made a make shift one. Nothing to write home about. Still it was a lot of fun. Kids dream in trees and feel the world is at their feet! Thanks for popping in here, appreciate your insight.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 13 months ago

      The treehouse idea is one that will certainly highlight the whole year of a young boy (and girl). Lots of wonderful suggestions posted here for people to consider.