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Giraffe Plush Toys Review -- Popular Children Gifts

Updated on January 8, 2015

Plush Toys

Animal plush toys can be both fun and educational for children. The soft objects are easy to play with, to move around and grapple with, to cuddle and care for – children will befriend them, or make them a part of their own substitute family. Plush toys test children's emotional range and provide character training before they progress to a real, live pet. But in the case of giraffes (and other exotic animals), kids' familiarity with the real thing is destined to remain confined to the zoo limits. Letting your kids play with unusual, seen-only-on-TV animals is particularly important: they'll get the chance to interact with something very different, and learn about tolerance.

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Hugging Instinct

The giraffe, of course, is one the most loved and popular exotic animals. Featuring a long neck and a bright, colorful coat, they evoke an almost instinctive “hugging” instinct. Their unstable and somewhat vulnerable appearance may, in turn, activate the kids' protective impulses. Plush giraffes are available in various sizes (some really giant) and resting positions, some sitting, some standing, some lying. A special design offers a pink giraffe, which doesn't really look like one, but is just as cute. One particular plush giraffe is a celebrity from the Madagascar animation film.

Simple and Long-Term

Besides awakening a child's imagination and empathy, playing with plush toys gives the developmental value of challenging and building children's tactile and visual senses. Plush is loved because of the pleasant sensation it gives our hands and fingers; giraffe's orange spots on light background will teach the kids about the effectiveness of color combination, as well as about nature's way to camouflage its inhabitants. Ultimately, plush toys are great because they are simple and long-term, unlike modern electronic games. There is practically no playing age limit, as even when we grow old, we keep them for sentimental value.


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