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Giraffe Stuffed Animal & Giraffe Stuffed Toys - Giraffe Gifts

Updated on April 1, 2011

Is the giraffe species your favorite animal?

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It's no wonder that giraffes are a well-loved animal and therefore a popular stuffed animal to own! Their regal, graceful necks and beautiful markings make for an attractive stuffed toy that can be used for decoration in a baby nursery (think safari theme!) or just as a well-received gift for the giraffe aficionado in your life.

As you can imagine, there is a huge selection of giraffe stuffed animals online and the good news is that you can find high-quality stuffed toys for very reasonable prices. You just have to know where to look! You will soon discover that you can find realistic, life-like stuffed giraffes online or more cuddly and cute ones that make for great toys for children or nurseries.

Read on to find the perfect stuffed giraffe for your needs as well as fun unique giraffe gift ideas! Don't forget to check out the fun giraffe facts below, as well.

Fun Giraffe Facts

  • Giraffes can go several days without water; they absorb lots of moisture from leaves.
  • Ask any giraffe and they'll tell you that leaves are their favorite food! (well...if they could talk!)
  • A baby giraffe grows inside it's mother for a long 15-months before it is born!
  • Giraffes prefer to travel in herds; they are very social creatures.
  • Male giraffes can grow up to 19 feet tall; Females can grow up to 16 feet tall!
  • Source: Wikipedia

Buy A Webkinz Giraffe Toy Online

Buy A Webkinz Giraffe Toy

A very popular type of Webkinz is a giraffe! Haven't heard of Webkinz? It's a fun, family-safe website that allows your child to play with a virtual pet online. It's basically two gifts in one - a virtual pet and a physical stuffed animal. After your child receives his or her stuffed animal giraffe, they'll receive a unique activation code that they can plug in on the Webkinz website. They can then name their new Webkinz Giraffe, and feed, groom, play with it, etc.! Webkinz come in all sorts of different animals and chances are your favorite animal is available for purchase - a giraffe most certainly is! Webkinz are fun to keep on the side of your computer desk as you play with your new virtual pet online.

Giraffe Stuffed Animals

Here are some ideas of what you can find online for a beautiful stuffed giraffe toy. Again, you can find life-like versions or more child friendly, cute and cuddly versions. They are the perfect gift idea for the giraffe lover in your life.

Stuffed animal giraffes are especially popular for baby shower gifts as a giraffe or safari theme is a really common baby theme these days.

Note: Whenever you're buying a plush toy for a smaller child, please check the safety product description to see what age the toy is recommended for!

Looking for a baby giraffe toy?

A trendy new baby toy is Vulli's Sophie the Giraffe Teether. They're made from all-safe, natural rubber and babies absolutely adore them! Check out the article I wrote here : Where to Buy Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether Online.

Cute Giraffe Video on Youtube!

Cute Giraffe Stuffed Animal Toy!
Cute Giraffe Stuffed Animal Toy!

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    • DanPowers profile image

      DanPowers 8 years ago from Tokyo

      You can't go wrong with a Giraffe plushie. What a great gift idea!