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Online Gaming Etiquette

Updated on March 1, 2015

There is a growing epidemic in the gaming online community: people are jerks.

To help cure the idiocy infecting all corners of networks such as Xbox live and the Playstation Network, I'm here to lay down a few etiquette ground rules.

Rule number one: Expand your vocabulary. I don't need you to use big words, I just need you to learn how to form a sentence with at least a 2:1 swear ratio. When you curse more than you don't, I really can't understand you. And nobody is impressed with your limited vocabulary. You sound dumb. Don't do it.

Rule number two: I am thrilled that you have a mic. No really, I am. I am completely aware that owning and using a mic can significantly improve the gaming experience. But, there are some things that I do not want to hear through the mic. I don't need to hear your music blaring through my headphones. I really don't need you to sing along with your music either. I also do not need to hear your mom yelling at you to clean your room or your baby crying hysterically in the background. Basically, mute your mic unless you have something important to contribute.

Rule number three: Your life should not revolve around winning. Now, don't get me wrong, I like to win. But nothing is more annoying that a gamer who cares about nothing but winning and will name call, make fun, and generally act like a dirt bag when the game isn't going his or her way. If you want to act this way, play in a ranked match with other serious gamers. Leave the player matches alone for those of us that just want to have fun. Likewise, if you suck, don't play in a ranked match. You will get yelled at and obscenities will be hurled your way. I warned you.

Rule number four: If you are losing, don't blame lag. I don't need to hear your excuses. Man up, take responsibility, and move on.

Rule number five: If you happen to find yourself gaming with a girl, please don't point out that she is a girl. She knows.

Don't avoid online gaming because of the jerks out there, and don't contribute to the jerk epidemic. In the end, you have the power to control your gaming experience. Is someone not playing by the rules? Mute them. Problem solved.

Now, go have fun.


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    • Matthew Hotaling profile image

      Matthew Hotaling 7 months ago from Missouri

      Great advice! There is nothing worse than online gaming with people with no mics, than gaming with people who have mics and abuse the awesomeness that it could bring to your game! Crying babies, unnecessary music blaring, 5 year old playing Call of Duty and calling you curse words whilst parents are doing who knows what...smh! However, Lag is an issue i deal with a lot! Manners go a long way in gaming for sure!

    • Choxy profile image

      Choxy 6 years ago

      Haha thanks!

    • joawmeens profile image

      joawmeens 6 years ago from Hopewell, Ohio

      I'm sorry, I didn't know that you knew you were a girl, since guys are much smarter than girls.

      I'm kidding, obviously. These tips need to show up every time someone logs onto Call of Duty or any other multiplayer-type game. Awful people are the reason I rarely (if ever) play online. I can have just as much fun playing with myself as I can.....wait, that came out wrong.

      Anyway, great hub!

    • DDS profile image

      David Sproull 6 years ago from Toronto

      Sadly there are many many many people with no sense and no manners..