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Glamour Dollhouses for Girls

Updated on April 19, 2013

 Doll houses have been around for thousands of years with the earliest known found in the Egyptian tombs.  These dollhouses had wooden models of furnishings, boats, animals and servants.

In the 16th century, doll houses had rooms made up in display cases.  The rooms were very elaborate and had furnishings as well as architectural detailing. They were used by adults rather than children and were owned by wealthy women of the time.

By the 18th century smaller doll houses with realistic exteriors began appearing in Europe. Mostly built on an individual bases they were unique.  However, as the Industrial Revolution got under way, doll houses began being made as toys and included miniature furnishing.  Originally made in Germany and England, doll houses didn’t start being made in the United States until the end of the 19th century by the Bliss Manufacturing Company. 

After the second world war, doll houses were massed produced and were typically made of sheet metal and the furniture was made of plastic. 

Fisher Price Dollhouses

There are several different Fisher Price Dollhouse designs. These include the Loving Family; includes Twin Time Doll house and Grand Dollhouse as well as My First Doll House. With the Loving Family Grand Dollhouse you can choose to purchase either a Caucasian Family or an African American edition.

The dollhouse also comes with lots of accessories including a spa bathroom with vanity drawers that open, towels and a rug. There is even an up to date kitchen. I’m not sure who will enjoy playing with this dollhouse more; your children or yourself!

Melissa and Doug Dollhouse

The Melissa and Doug dollhouses are well made and are very realistic. It is fairly easy to assemble; you should be able to do it in about an hour. All the walls and floors are decorated and they are easy to keep clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth.

There are lots of different accessories that you can purchase for the dollhouse but it does come with furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, nursery and bathroom.

You can purchase bathroom accessories (mirror, shelves, towels, plant & makeup) as well as kitchen accessories (kettle, frying pan, utensils, coffee pot and cups), nursery room accessories (books, toys and wagon).

If you want to add people to the dollhouse you can also purchase the Melissa and Doug Victorian Doll Family separately. There is a mom, dad and two children and can be purchased as Caucasian, African American and Asian.

Kidcraft Dollhouses

 Kidcraft Dollhouses are a great deal of fun for everyone. There are a number of different designs but the Savannah Dollhouse is the most elegant.  It has a true southern charm and will provide hours of fun.  There are four levels with six rooms plus colorful furniture.  It is made of wood and will accommodate fashion dolls up to 11 1/2 inches tall.

Another Kidcraft Dollhouse is the Designer Dollhouse.  This dollhouse is full of designer details with a curved roof, spiral staircases and lots of artwork in the rooms.  Your child can be her own designer.

The Majestic Mansion and is another great dollhouse by Kidcraft.  It is over four feet wide and four and a half feet tall.  Lots of space for all the furniture and your child’s favorite dolls (will accommodate fashion dolls up to twelve inches tall). There are 34 pieces of furniture and accessories that come with the dollhouse including a grandfather clock and a kitten.  There is even an elevator!

Barbie Dollhouses

Barbie Dollhouses

Since every little girl has a Barbie doesn’t her doll deserve to live in a beautiful dollhouse?  Mattel has come up with several Barbie dollhouses including the Dream Townhouse, Glam Vacation House and the Fashion Fairytale Palace.

The Dream Townhouse includes a pink elevator with lights and sounds, a fireplace with a fat screen TV, an amazing bathroom and there is even tiki lights and an outdoor whirlpool tub.  If that isn’t enough the dollhouse is wired for sound for the doorbell, kitchen timer, shower and get this: a flushing toilet.

Barbie’s Glam Vacation House and the ultimate in Barbie dollhouses.  It includes two storeys that include a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom patio and breakfast bar.  Accessories include a TV, chandelier and tiki lights as well as a couch, bed and even a blender.

The Fashion Fairytale Palace is just what every little girl wants.  This dollhouse was inspired by the animated move “Barbie A Fashion Fairytale”.  There is a VIP drawbridge entrance, movable dance floor, elevator and vanity area.

As for accessories, there are just two many to mention.  However, some of the more popular accessories include several different cars, a beach party pool, doggie park puppies, and all the clothes a tiny fashionista could ever want. 


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    • True Blue Tips profile image

      True Blue Tips 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comments KoffeeKlatch Gals. I don't think we every get too old to enjoy a good dollhouse!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      All of my daughters had a dollhouse of their own. They were oppupied by them by hours. They are a wonderful gift for any girl. Great hub - great selection of dollhouses.

    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      I remember my daughter had Barbie World in her room -- houses (some bought, some home made) cars, horses, stables for the horses, beauty parlors -- you name it.