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Glimmar's Steampunk HD Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on March 27, 2011
For more Minecraft HD texture pack reviews, visit:
For more Minecraft HD texture pack reviews, visit: | Source
Green torches! It all seems so obvious now!
Green torches! It all seems so obvious now!

Minecraft and Steampunk share several qualities. They're both about innovation, class and monocles. Now you can create with appropriately Steampunk-y textures, thanks to Glimmar's Steampunk texture pack. It is HD, but at 32 x 32, you won't be weeping too many tears because things look utterly alien. Instead you'll be polishing the aforementioned monocle and having erudite discussions with cows. Life has never been so sweet.

Being an intrepid Minecrafter, I play tested this HD texture pack so that you wouldn't have to. Fortunately it was a pleasant experience and I was not consumed by a crocodile. For this reason, I am able to relate my experiences to you.

The first element of this texture pack that took me by surprise was the title screen. The title screen in Glimmar's Steampunk Texture Pack has gauges in it – and pistons and wheels. Guages and pistons and wheels that move when you mouse over their corresponding options! One is therefore, instantly plunged into a world of dials and needles before one has so much as dared to open a save file.

Discovery #1: Torches are green! I much prefer green flames, it turns out. This was quite a surprise. If you had asked me in advance if I liked green torches I would have laughed in your face and stolen your favorite poodle.

Discovery #2: Not only does the crafting block look appropriately advanced and yet also retro in its design, the GUI is more than worthy of the Steampunk monitor. Worthy, I say! Why, it warms my old brass gadgets to see such a GUI.

Discovery #3: Ladders look like they are made from brass and fittings. I like this, because like many Minecraft players, I am sick of creating wondrous structures and having to put wooden ladders throughout them. They make every place look like it was made by a small gnome called Hans.

Discovery #4: Pigs look terrifying.

This pig wants your soul.
This pig wants your soul.

Discovery #5 Squid now appear to be wondrous bio mechanical creations with luminous red heads. I approve very much indeed.

Discovery #6 Dandelions or daisies have been replaced with much less showy ferns. I applaud this change.

Discovery #7: Beds now look like iron maidens. I do not approve of this at all. It makes me afraid to go to sleep.

Discovery #8: Iron blocks appear to be stamped with some insignia not unlike the Confederate flag. This is disappointing if one happens to have built a space shuttle with iron blocks becasuse they were white and shiny. Even more disappointing, obsidian is purple in this texture pack. My once proud shuttle now looks like a flamboyant pile of scrap.

Discovery #9 Biomes have been handled with wonderful sensitivity. I thoroughly enjoyed the autumnal colors as I wandered through my world, searching for further texture effects.

In summary: This texture pack will not disappoint. Indeed, I have but scratched the surface of its many wonders. Quickly, get thee to the place of download and experience it for yourself.

Download Glimmar's Steampunk HD Minecraft Texture Pack.

Squid have never been so pretty, or so functional.
Squid have never been so pretty, or so functional.
Biomes! I see the biomes!
Biomes! I see the biomes!
A pretty steampunk day.
A pretty steampunk day.


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