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Glow Bendaroos

Updated on September 3, 2010

Glow Bendaroos - Bendaroos that glow in the dark

So if they couldn't come up with anything new, why not create something even better out of one of the most popular and favorite as seen on tv toys, Bendaroos. I was getting ready for company to come over just now when I saw a new infomercial for a product called Glow Bendaroos. Glow Bendaroos are the same as the old Bendaroos except that instead of just being able to play with them in daylight, you can now play with them in the dark since you can now buy Glow in the Dark Bendaroos.

We all remember the opening statement of the original commercial where they would say Bendawho? Bendaroos!!! The magical wax..... Not only was this catchy and did it get tons of people to buy these fabulous toys, myself included, but since it is hard to top it I guess they found a way to make them even better by making them glow in the dark.

Although I initially bought them for my Niece, I ended up not being able to resist opening them up because they looked like to much fun to play with. Although at first I just thought they were sort of boring, I found myself not being able to stop making fun Bendaroo shapes and animals. I soon realized that I ran out of them and had a ton of funny little animals sitting on my desk. Not only did I get hooked on them but my Niece ended up not getting any since I used them all...instead she got to pick her own toy out since I didn't bring a gift with me. I absolutely love the idea that they made Glow Bendaroos because it not only adds to thefun of playing with them, but it also adds to the fun of going to bed.

When I was younger I used to have these little glow in the dark star stickers that I hung all over my walls and ceiling. In one way they actually helped me fall asleep because I wasn't as afraid of the dark with them. Then as I got older I thought that they were just cool so I kept them up. After my room was painted to be more mature, I quickly went out and bought more and this time did it to match the sky. Kids are always fascinated by things that glow in the dark and they love to get to play with toys that glow in the dark and that is only one of the reasons that I am absolutely in love with the new Glow Bendaroos.

You can make cool shapes and then stick them to the wall before you go to bed. As your kids fall asleep they can feel comfortable and safe knowing that their toy is there and they'll hopefully feel less afraid of the dark knowing that they can see to the other side of the room. One thing that I also loved about the glow bendaroos commercial was the way they helped to recycle old cds that you don't use anymore.

They turned CDs into glow in the dark spaceships and then I guess hung them on a string to make them spin and fly around. Why not make an entire fleet of glow in the dark spaceships out of your glow bendaroos and then also make an entire city and have the space ships attack it? You can also make glow in the dark bendaroo bats, owls and other nighttime animals for your kids to play with.

I absolutely love the glow in the dark bendaroos and if you buy glow bendaroos, please come back and leave a comment below letting us know how much you and your kids love them.


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