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Wow: Glyphs to Enhance Your Feral Druid!

Updated on July 8, 2012

Glyphs (not feral, just an example pic)

Glyphs 101 (pve)

With many glyphs to choose from, how do you go about acquiring the glyphs that are best in slot? Well here are some good tips and what really works if you're looking to advance your character a little bit more.

We will start off with the Pve Glyphs!.

Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Rip = increases the periodic damage of your rip by 15%. (15% is a lot for your highest bleed damage)

Glyph of tiger's fury = reduces your tiger's fury CD by 3secs ( this enables you to cut down on the cool down letting you replenish your energy bar faster, so you can maintain a stable Damage output)

Glyph of shred = Each time you Shred, the duration of your Rip on the target is extended by 2 sec, up to a maximum of 6 sec.(Increases your damage output from rip extending its duration and in turn helping shred do some more DPS)

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Barkskin = Reduces the chance you'll be critically hit by 25% while Barkskin is active. (speaks for itself, A good survivability glyph!.)

Glyph of Feral Charge = Reduces the cool down of your Feral Charge (Cat) ability by 2 sec and the cool down of your Feral Charge (Bear) ability by 1 sec. (every second counts, so when you need to move out or get a free ravage up, your Feral charge should always be a little faster to use.)

Glyph of Thorns = Reduces the cool down of your Thorns spell by 20 sec. (This glyph can be optional, but it is currently the best in slot. (Not many players would step out to cast this since it makes you jump out of cat-form, But every bit counts, & if you're good with key-binding this shouldn't affect your game play as much.)

Minor Glyphs -

Glyph of Dash = Reduces the cool down of your Dash ability by 20% (very helpful for getting in & out of encounters quickly. Makes you either a brilliant escape artist, or quick to change any circumstance around)

Glyph of Aquatic Form = Increases your swim speed by 50% while in Aquatic Form. (not really useful in dungeons and raids, but still a pve glyph, If you see any other glyph that can be of use than this then feel free to fit in this slot.)

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth = Your Rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent. (Again not really optional, But it would be quite a headache carrying reagents & running out of them and restocking afterwards.)

These Glyphs above are For PVE use only.

Various Glyphs

Glyphs 101 (pvp)

If you're a pvp'er Then you shouldnt stress too much on glyphing, At the end of the day it is your skills that matter not your character advancement. But even then with the Glyph system, this is all about using every available resource to further enhance your character!.

Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Rip = increases the periodic damage of your rip by 15% (a very useful glyph since it adds to pressure & most likely when you cannot reach your target if you're CC'ed etc. This will be your killing blow. doesnt let other players get out of combat that easily)

Glyph of Berserk = Increases the duration of Berserk by 10 sec. (This glyph is all about making up for damage lost on a target supposing you're being rooted stunned etc. Its also really great burst duration helping you taking huge chunks of your target. Pvp is all about either making it or breaking it in just a few seconds.)

Glyph of Mangle = Increases the damage done by Mangle by 10%. (most players would prefer the shred glyph, But this is pvp & it is almost impossible to completely shred a target down where shred only works from behind, With the mangle glyph, you dont lose out of your damage uptime & pressuring your target. Mangle lets you do this with 10% more damage, regardless of lag issues & No matter which side of the target you're facing.)

Major Glyphs

Glyph of barkskin - ( a must have survivability glyph)

Glyph of feral charge - (speaks for itself, helps you catch up to targets, helps you get a free ravage on your target.)

Glyph of thorns - (Thorns is a good return damage glyph, especially if fast melee classes like rogues are sitting on you. its just timing and skill that you should know when to use this ability.)

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of dash - ( helpful for reaching your target faster & being the ultimate escape artist, also as of now it removes Root effects & other forms of immovable CC's)

The next 2 glyphs you apply in slot are completely at your discretion, since none of them are viable and can be of use in the battlegrounds or the arena.

Think of glyphs as a minor enhancement or enchantment if you like, to your abilities, Most likey you will not even remember them as you go about your day in wow. But every good player knows his stats that makes his / her class purely exceptional.

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