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GoGo Hamsters review

Updated on July 16, 2012

GoGo Hamsters

GoGo Hamsters

Chunk, Num Nums, Pipsqueak and Mr squiggles are some of the cute hamster toys that are taking the world by storm.The demand for these cute hamster toys is incredible and they are selling out so fast that they are sure to be the number one Christmas hit,They are the perfect substitute for the real thing as there is no mess, no smells and no ongoing cost, Perfect for kids and parents alike.There are lots of hamsters to collect and also lots and lots of accessories.They navigate their way around their tubes and home and act just like the real thing. They are also known as there more popular name of Zhu Zhu Hamsters. The hamsters are doing so well now that there are a whole host of them to collect including the adorable baby hamsters.

GoGo hamsters

Trial Run

If your looking to experiment to see if your children would be able to look after a real pet then this is the perfect way to do it, No mess and a perfect way to see if they can care for a fake pet before treating them to a real one.!! It will save you not only a lot of mess but also money as the Zhu Zhu hamsters only cost the initial payment where as the real ones will need constant care and this costs your pocket. If can also be used as a bribe, If your child wants a real pet then you simply give them the task of looking after these fake ones and treating them as the real thing for a set amount of time.

Playsets and Accessories

The amazing thing about these fake pets is that just like their real counterparts they come with an array of accessories to help brighten the place up and make your pets perform to their maximum or to give them some added comfort just like the real thing. There are full scale play sets or if your worried about the cost to your pocket then there are smaller simple tunnel and slide type play sets which are a bit more on the cheaper side of the scale.

There are so many add on bits for these cute little hamsters that I simply cannot list them all but I invite you to take a look through one of the links to see for yourself the array of items available that will be sure to keep you child happy for hours.


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