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GoW - Destination: Rally Trap

Updated on August 15, 2016
End of KvK alliance leaderboard (Morrigan)
End of KvK alliance leaderboard (Morrigan)
4-way KvK ranking of a 7.3 bil trap
4-way KvK ranking of a 7.3 bil trap

Estimated cost for startup

It took me approximately $485 to build this trap from a brand new account. It is easy to maintain, I still have billions of RSS and millions of gold to spare in order to train more. Once built, you will only have to train T2, you should never need to train T4 ever again unless you donate to alliance rallies or you let yourself get zeroed.

But how much it costs you will be dependent on what packs you wait to buy.

To start you're looking for packs that offer both hero XP and VIP as well as a good amount of RSS, as these items are necessary to make the building cost less for you. As your hero levels, put points in construction and research until you unlock T4 and do the rest of the required research. Make sure the last couple of packs you buy has a good amount of gear chests and gems. The gear chests you will be looking for are over 25k of Golden Shogun, Sola, Imperial Dragon, and Frost Lord. The gems you need are Bulwark and Elusive. The other gems you'll need should just come along in the chests nicely, but many packs offer Bulwark and Elusive in level 6 form already.

If at all possible, and you happen to be reading this before you start the account, use a beginner teleport and port to an ancient kingdom to buy your packs. Once you hit the $100 packs they will be better if your main kingdom is a newbie kingdom. Use your VIP points before porting home because in newer kingdoms, end game content is sometimes locked until the kingdom progresses in age. But you can unlock those levels in the ancient kingdom. Then use your second beginner port to port to your homeland and start to build.

To unlock T4, you need about 700k gold on hand for the daggers, books, and shackles as well as the hammers. So save your gold from the packs. Gold is mostly going to be used on building upgrades if you're like me and lazy, those items I just listed, and then troop training after you've used all your initial speed ups.

Also, try looking for trust worthy pack loaders (this is against TOS to use so do at your own risk). But many use them because they offer cheaper packs than the iTunes, google play, or amazon stores. You need to verify they are trustworthy so try to find one you trust recommended by friends. They will log into your account to purchase packs, so if they aren't trustworthy they can steal your account.


YOU DO NOT NEED SH 22 or higher to be a good trap. I find it to be a total waste of RSS and speed ups to upgrade to SH 22.

To unlock T4, you have to have a level 21 building of every type. This includes the four resource buildings: Farm, Logging Camp, Quarry, and Mine. And every in-wall city building. You only need 1 level 21 of all. Use VIP 12 to open all of your chests, and VIP 16 to master combine your regular mats to level 5. I will explain why not level 6 when we get to the gear section. After combining, craft some construction gear. The best gear for construction will be architect's but also you can find Odyssey as accessory that boasts a lot of construction for super cheap. When you go to the item you want to craft and hit craft, it takes you to a craft screen and shows you all relevant materials. You want at least 80% if you're ballsy like I am, or 100% to craft the gear in gold. If you look at the list of materials and notice you can upgrade a level 5 material to give you that 80% chance, then do it, and come back and craft it.

Don your crafting gear.

As you start, use a hero XP boost for 2k gold. Then the first thing you need to do is level farm and logging camp to level 3, build a villa, level it to level 3, build your Gymnos. Keep your Gymnos as high as you can. This means every time you add another SH level, the next building you upgrade is logging camp, farm, villa, Gymnos in this order. After Gymnos, level your explorer dungeon if you can. The explorer dungeon has a similar boost to the Gymnos. These two buildings increase the XP your hero gains for every task you complete. After these buildings are as far as you can go, do only the requirements of the next SH upgrade, until your Gymnos is 21. Then you can work on getting every other building to level 21 and receive maximum XP for it.

As your hero levels, use points in construction and research.

DO NOT COLLECT YOUR EMPIRE QUESTS. This will grant you unnecessary power, and as a rally trap it is important that you maintain as low power as possible.


Now that you've upgraded all your buildings to 21, it is time to do the required research.

Same as with construction, craft gear for research. Chancellors, Magisters, then miscellaneous easy such as the chalice.

  • Start with economy tree, do everything except gold gathering
  • Combat, do everything except onagers
  • Defense, do everything except the last section of speed debuffs
  • Restoration, do 10/10 on T2 cost reduction, then stop
  • You may do hero up to level 6 monsters if you want to kill monsters, but I didn't

Some traps operate a little differently. So this is an alternate method of research

  • Max the crafting tree
  • Unlock a few presets in the march tree (this tree grants the least amount of power to unlock them)

This method will cause more power gain, therefore either less troop count or higher power that scares off potential rallies, but it will be more defense and easier to bait with poorer gear and swap. The choice is yours.

Recommended gemming, do the best you can.
Recommended gemming, do the best you can.
Trap bait gear
Trap bait gear
My trap gear. Not the absolute best, but does the job while still attracting rallies.
My trap gear. Not the absolute best, but does the job while still attracting rallies.


So this is where I said I would explain why you only combine to level 5. Some of this gear requires 3 of the same type of rare material and it makes things super hard to craft. For this reason, I will only use 2 of gold and 1 purple every time I craft a piece of defense gear. The result is that sometimes you do get a purple, however, it doesn't make a huge difference to have 1 or 2 purples when you are going to have so many troops. Added bonus of having some purple gear... you appear less threatening, get more rallies, score more points and later down the road you will be able to replace purple gear with legendary as you buy more packs or collect more gear chests from Athena.

There is one piece of gear that you must must MUST use as a trap, or you are going to find yourself losing more troops than you care to retrain. The Kunoichi's Kunai. Not the haunted one, just the plain one that has defense debuff resistance. I use two of them.

Why? Because with the resistance of 60% with two of them, and then the research of defense debuff resistance in the defense tree, it nearly totals 100% defense debuff resistance, which means all these cores like Nike, Ares, Poseidon with the defense debuff on them become just plain attack cores and you get to maintain most of your defense from the other gear.

The two kunai you shouldn't wear while trying to bait rallies. It is an obvious sign of a trap, and people will actually cancel a rally on you if they see you swap to it.

As for the other gear, you want a combination of Sola, Golden Shogun, Imperial Dragon, and Frostlord gear. Do not go below Frostlord and use Haunted Xena. Haunted Xena is horribly outdated now. Frostlord is still pretty useful. You are basically trying to equip the most troop defense as you can for priority of stats, followed by attack debuff, followed by health. The same is true for gemming.

Some of the gear, especially the golden shogun and sola sets, have troop specific defenses which can be useful if you know you are weak to certain rallies. Be cautious of this, and make sure you do the best you can to even out the defenses so that you don't make yourself weaker to some rallies.

If you decided to do crafting/presets, you can put great wave gems in 4th slot in your baiting gear. Bait gear I will also refer to as rainbow gear because often times you want it to be blues and purples too. Put great wave in it so that it slows rallies to your SH and you have proper time to check your watchtower for real or fake and then time the swap to your good gear.

If you didn't research presets and 4th gem, you can bait just as easily in the forest, or in the middle of a hive where the rally leaders can't port directly beside you.

When you've crafted a full set, use defense, attack debuff, and then health gems. My favorite three gems to use are Bulwark, Elusive, and Shadow (due to how common and easy it is to get level 6), followed by Gem of Protection, Defense, and Gem of Honor as fillers. For those who use 4th gem, Rainbow and Elite Defense gems are what I would recommend. If you have neither, chocolate gems for the attack debuff.

Hero Skills and City Composition

Okay so some of the veteran trap community may or may not agree with the way that I skill, but I will definitely defend it tooth to nail.

The first and most important skills are the altar boost skills. Including all points in the attack altar boosts. Why? As illustrated in the photo below, there is a hidden multiplier to these skills. You do NOT need to have an altar in your city, you don't need to have an altar boost at all to get this hidden boost. The boost is dependent on your city composition and research.

After that I skill in defense I and II, then attack debuff, then cavalry defense and range attack. You might ask why cav defense and range attack. This is because with 6.4 Nike rallies, I am finding it harder and harder to kill an entire rally and to keep my losses low. The cav defense will make me lose less troops to a Nike and the range attack should help me kill more of the Nike. I don't have an issue with the other types of rallies. I didn't have hero 60 in this screenshot but when I got it, I also put points in march speed debuff. Most of the time I am baiting rallies at the wonder, but every so often there is a large gathering of outlanders on flat land, so having this boost is helpful.

As for city composition, I have 27 barracks, a watch tower, a forge, an embassy, and a Gymnos (which I will be removing when my hero is level 60 and putting up my 28th barrack). I took down everything else.

  1. I don't need a hall of war because I don't rally lead. You can still donate to rallies without a hall of war.
  2. Nobody in this entire game needs the storehouse. Completely useless building.
  3. Taking down my prison means I often get double rallied sometimes triple rallied by war leaders who see their rally hit, do not get a report (if I would have normally captured hero with a prison, they still will not get a report even though their hero went home), and then start to think maybe they forgot to send hero with the march. If they aren't fooled, other outlanders watching the rally might be fooled and try to rally next. But capturing heroes always deters those who see it from rallying you. It also builds your profile stats to show you capture a lot of heroes, which makes it obvious you're a trap
  4. I use barracks over hospitals because the 10% defense boost per level 21 barrack is way more beneficial to a trap than 5% health boost. Health is almost a useless stat for traps and has its benefits in the wonder instead.
  5. I don't use villas because my troop count and hero skilling alone should be enough to defeat most rallies without needing attack. However, if you find yourself often not killing full rallies, you should fix that with attack gems and gear, not villas.
  6. I take down marketplace when in KvK, and I will build it back if I need to give RSS to a friend. You can always receive RSS without a marketplace.
  7. I don't use an altar because I don't execute heroes. Executions will deter rallies.
  8. I will take my Gymnos down when my hero hits level 60. You will not lose the additional skill points for hitting level 21 Gymnos. You will however lose the additional monster skill points. This can create a problem if you use presets and skill your monster points in your presets. After you remove your Gymnos, and try to swap to that preset, it will give you an error message. To fix it, simply reset that preset and reskill the monster tree after you have deconstructed Gymnos. Yes, you can still resurrect your hero with gold or loyalty without the Gymnos. What you won't be able to do is hire a new hero. Hiring a new hero will give you an XP loss penalty anyway, but if you wait 7 days or longer to use gold or loyalty, hiring a new one becomes your only option. So do not wait a week to resurrect your hero or you will need to build your Gymnos back.
  9. After I completed the research required of this trap, I took down my academy.

Stats reflect 27x level 21 barracks and research: defense tree, combat, and strategic combat
Stats reflect 27x level 21 barracks and research: defense tree, combat, and strategic combat
Best available training gear (though not the best training gems)
Best available training gear (though not the best training gems)

Training and the NERF (Last update: Release of Artemis)

NOTE: This post is accurate for the release of Artemis in ASSUMPTION only. I have yet to find someone burn an Artemis to test my new trap yet, but I will update it as soon as I totally verify that the new troop counts work.


For a lot more detail on training to the most effective barrack/villa ratios, please see my upcoming post on troop training.

As you might have guessed, the first thing I am going to ask you to do is to craft some training gear. Grand Marshall, Generals, followed by miscellaneous non-set gear such as Inferno boots and spear of fire are your best to least options.

Most traps are more effective when they use a small quantity of T4 and a large quantity of T2. As of the date of this post, it is highly accepted in the trap community to train at least 500 mil total troops. The exact number for each trap will vary based on your personal preference and playstyle.

All traps, in my opinion, should use solely regular troops. There are two big reasons for this.

  1. The first and most obvious being illustrated in the photo below this section. Regular troops only have a weakness to one specific troop type, whereas strategic have a weakness to two. This means if you are taking a rally with a composition of strategic troops, 66% of your total strategic troops and 33% of your regular are affected and will suffer heavier loss from the rally. If you are solely regular troops, only 33% of your troops will be affected.
  2. The second reason being that most of the extreme rally leaders these days are using wild troops when they don't have a scout report to know to use otherwise. A full wild rally against your full regular troops is a massive difference. Furthermore, it is a rare rally leader who will examine a battle report (assuming you didn't snag hero on the first rally), before rallying again, and if you are doing your job right, they will likely not rally you again anyway.


The only two types of nerf you will need to concern yourself with as a rally trap is the T4:T2 ratio and the T3:T2 ratio.

For every 1 T4 troop that you train, you can train UP TO 13 T2. To stay safe, just in case you need to donate a march of T4 to a rally, especially if you donate, keep it a ratio of 1:12. So for every 1 T4 troop you have, multiply it by 12 and train that many T2.

For every 1 T3 troop you have, the ratio is 1:7. Be safe and round this down to 6. If you train 100 mil T3, then you can have 600 mil T2.

What if you use both T3 and T4? Simple, calculate how many T2 you can train based on T4. Then calculate how many T2 you can have based on your T3, and simply add these two numbers together.

I do NOT suggest using T1. It is just not worth the effort anymore. But there are nerf ratios associated with T1 as well.


If you want to be the trap that captures all heroes (I call this a cap trap), you're going to train a solid foundation of T4, about 25 mil of each regular T4 (2,700,000,000 power) and then staying under the nerf ratio, you'll train 300 mil of each regular T2 (7,200,000,000 power) for a total troop power of 9,900,000,000 and a total of 975 million troops (Or work in T3 if you decide to train uneven for Artemis). Your troop power combined with your hero level and research power will put you at just over 10.5 billion power. This will pretty much guarantee you get all heroes but it will also guarantee you get a lot fewer rallies during KvK. This method is best used inter-kingdom than it is in KvK if you're going for points.

For point scoring traps (I call it a burn trap), the smaller you can be without leaking points, the better. Do not let your trap sink below 550 mil troop count, I've found at around this count the losses begin to get a bit too much to retrain. Usually when I sink below 550 mil troops I start seeing 20 mil T2 losses per maxed (6.4 mil) rally depending on cores, and that is just hard to maintain at this stage even if it does still score positive points.

For a happy medium of low enough power without suffering huge loss, my personal preference is 7 mil of each regular T4 (756,000,000 power), 96 mil regular infantry T3 (2,304,000,000 power) and 310 mil of each regular cav and range T2 (4,960,000,000) for a combined total of 8,020,000,000 troop power and 737 million troops. I am just over 8.5 bil total power.


The uneven train of this design is explained like so..

A full 6.4 mil Nike rally is pretty harmful on your trap. You will overcome it but the losses are going to be noticeable compared to a lesser rally. To keep my losses low, I have taken out all T2 cav meat so that the Nike is forced to take out the T2 meat that is unaffected by the troops before it can get to the cav T3 I have trained instead. I trained the cav T3 so that when a Poseidon rally (which is actually rare in KvK considering its a bit outdated compared to Ares or Nike) hits me, I can still kill the entire Poseidon rally with enough cav to kill it.

I have provided screen shots of battle reports using an even mix of T2 and then a mix of T2 without the cav versus full Nike rallies. The difference is incredible.

The only issue with this is when a new core is released, you'll need to train back the cav and ditch the next type, train the T3 and ditch the cav T3. Which can be a pain and has just happened, so I ditched my cav T3, trained infantry T3, ditched infantry T2 and trained back the cav T2. So I usually try to wait until just before the next KvK to fix the trap just in case a new core is released during the wait period.

NOTE: These numbers are not going to work for everyone. It is dependent upon your gear, gems, skills, boosts, research, and troop count that will determine the results of your rallies. All traps need a good healthy test before KvKs so that you can decide whether to add troops, or upgrade gear.

Difference between strategic weaknesses and regular weaknesses
Difference between strategic weaknesses and regular weaknesses
6.3 mil Nike vs cav meat and trap without cav meat
6.3 mil Nike vs cav meat and trap without cav meat

A little note about uneven troop builds

As I have said several times in this guide, this is my personal preference to trapping that I wanted to share with everyone. Not everyone is going to agree with my methods and that is fine, but I will always provide my insights as to why I believe these methods work and provide tile tests in the complicated scenarios. This is one of those complicated scenarios.

I've been told of a discussion lately in my kingdom as to whether or not training troops unevenly is a good idea. My answer to this discussion is absolutely. Here are the points I would like to make.

  1. Cores are not built evenly. As of this edit, Artemis has just released and is about a whopping 8k attack. This is a huge step up from Nike at ~ 6k attack and Ares at ~ 5.7k attack.
  2. This means Artemis is going to cause a lot more damage to your evenly trained trap than Nike would. However, if you dismiss your infantry meats and train that infantry back in T3 instead, you're going to soften the blow of Artemis by a huge and noticeable difference. I have already provided a comparative photo of two Nike rallies against relatively even and uneven troop training.
  3. Uneven built for Artemis will make you only a fraction more vulnerable to Ares, but Ares is only 5k in attack and at this point in the game will be rare to see in KvK events.
  4. To counter the vulnerability to Ares, all traps usually go up in troop count anyway every time a new core is released. Artemis is no exception, traps will be going up in troop count more now than ever.
  5. The point of training the T3 equivalent to the power of your T2 is to not decrease the amount of attack you'd have to your weak suit rally. If you were not already aware, one T2 is worth 8 power, and one T3 is worth 24 power. If you are using 240 mil of each T2 and you want to replace one type with T3, simply multiply the T2 you are replacing by 8 power to figure out how much power you are dismissing, and then divide that number by 24. In this case, 240 mil T2 x 8 = 1,920,000,000/24 = 80 mil T3 to train in order to replace that power gap.

(Top report) - Unevenly built to counter range. Used less troops overall, but same power equivalent. Lost less, killed more. Was attacked with the neutral troop type (not the strong, not the weak).  **Bottom report** evenly trained.
(Top report) - Unevenly built to counter range. Used less troops overall, but same power equivalent. Lost less, killed more. Was attacked with the neutral troop type (not the strong, not the weak). **Bottom report** evenly trained.
The difference between each troop type vs a trap built to counter range. Please note that where you see weaker reports such as the elephant attack report, these cores are weaker, rarer in KvK, and you have more troops now than when this set released.
The difference between each troop type vs a trap built to counter range. Please note that where you see weaker reports such as the elephant attack report, these cores are weaker, rarer in KvK, and you have more troops now than when this set released.

Wall traps and Hospitals

Wall traps are pretty easy.

They die in tiers just like your troops and are considered as such for the purposes of being rallied.

So to use them to your best advantage, train your maximum number of traps in the tier just below your lowest tiered troop. If you're using T2 on your trap, train an even mix of regular T1 traps. This means that your traps will suffer first and work as your meat until they are gone.


As for hospitals...

Last KvK, the point system was different than usual. If you know in advance that your KvK will be point based and outlanders score less points when they only hospitalize your troops, absolutely build all hospitals instead of barracks.

The negative is that you are drastically decreasing your defense. The positive is that hospitals actually drastically decrease the points you lose at a stronger rate than the lesser defense will. Think about this math...

Below, you will see the point system with hospitals. To injure 1 T2, outlander scores 5 points, and to kill 1 T2, they score 24. This is nearly 5x the points. Now say you are using all barracks, and you lose 10 mil to a Nike rally, do you really believe that converting to all hospitals will make you lose enough defense to lose 48 mil T2 in one rally? That is how much defense you'd have to lose to make hospital conversion work against you rather than in your favor...and that is absurd. So in a point based KvK, absolutely convert your hospitals.

I've included a screenshot of a rally set on one of my protégé's traps last KvK using hospitals.

16.2 mil points lost in hospital. Only a little bit more death than hospitalized and 112.9 mil points lost due to death. Huge difference in points. Total points lost = 129.1 mil.  Total points gain = 513.5 mil.  Net positive point gain of 384.4 mil.
16.2 mil points lost in hospital. Only a little bit more death than hospitalized and 112.9 mil points lost due to death. Huge difference in points. Total points lost = 129.1 mil. Total points gain = 513.5 mil. Net positive point gain of 384.4 mil.
Group call line chatroom. Invite your alliance to join the chatroom, simply click the top right phone icon in the chatroom to begin the call. You can be both in-game and on this call using the same device.
Group call line chatroom. Invite your alliance to join the chatroom, simply click the top right phone icon in the chatroom to begin the call. You can be both in-game and on this call using the same device.

The Act of Trapping

Your trap is fixed, you've got all your barracks set up, you've got the research, you have the gear and the troop count. Now it is time to fulfill your mission as a trap.

So, like this entire guide, these are just my personal suggestions and what has worked for me...

  1. Activate anti-scout, ensure you are skilled for combat, and don your bait gear
  2. Locate a wonder that has a lot of players. Being in the forest affords you more time to prepare your boosts and gear swap as it slows the rally march speed. If you bait rallies when you're not in the forest, port a safe distance away from the rally leader and then scout him to let him know you didn't go far and are willing to take his rally.
  3. Scan the players for rally leaders who are already burning a set of cores
  4. Port next to the person burning cores
  5. Scout him
  6. Wait to be rallied
  7. As soon as you receive the rally warning, reset your app. You don't want to be kicked before you can swap gear.
  8. When you come back in, click your watchtower. Wait to see the rally incoming. If you have people online in your alliance, call for the counter-reinforice troop type in regular troops. For example, if you see Legs/Valk/Immortals, call for Marksmen reinforcements. You can be reined in advance if the rally leader was wearing cores before he started rally. It's very safe to assume he's going to use the same cores.
  9. You have to time this yourself when you are not in KvK, but according to how long it takes you to boost and swap to your kunai, time it to the last possible second. I will boost defense and attack debuff when the rally is 20 seconds away, then I will click watchtower and swap to my kunai when the rally is 7 seconds away. The lag of your connection is a big factor here. If you swap too soon, some rally leaders may cancel. If you swap gear and port, you lose the added defense bonus of your embassy because the reinforcements will dump before the rally hits you.
  10. The moment the rally hits, activate anti scout again. Then swap back to bait gear. The fewer people sitting around the wonder that see you swapped gear, the better. Do not waste time in these two steps.
  11. On my trap, I have deconstructed my prison. The result of this is that sometimes when you would have otherwise capped the hero, you will be rallied by rally leaders who either believe that maybe they forgot to add their hero and that is why they didn't receive a report and lose their hero, so they will try again. Or you have rally leaders who don't care, they are making points (even negative points) and they aren't losing their hero so they will just keep going until they get the gold from third prize. I have even had someone use Ares on me, lose their entire rally, and then decide to use Nike on me next thinking they would win on points. If you have a prison, and you cap, everyone surrounding the wonder has seen you cap and will mark you as a good trap they will try to avoid rallying. When I led rallies in KvK, I would block traps that capped heroes so I had a list at all times of traps to avoid rallying. Blocking tracks your name changes.
  12. If you are burning, do not have someone put out your fire. Fire attracts attention to your trap, and tells other rally leaders that they won't lose their hero so they give it a shot.
  13. Try your hardest to avoid being titled. Do not let your alliance good title you either. When you need to change names, it will be pointless. Titles are a good way to remember "oh yeah I already rallied this trap and it hurt".
  14. When the amount of rallies you attract begins to die, port somewhere private. Change your name, your avatar, your city name, always name your hero No Hero because that is a common hero name. And having a different variety of bait gear never hurts. Mix and match.
  15. If you are an R4 or an R5 in your alliance, demote yourself. Most people assume high rank means knowledge and experience.
  16. Outside of KvK, I try to screw up my KDR as best as I can, and let random people execute my hero. It will work in your favor to have horrible stats and appear to be constantly zeroed.
  17. Often you are going to have multiple rallies on you at the same time. The most I have had at once was 4 different rallies. If you are in the forest, and you burn, it is going to auto-cancel the rallies that haven't hit yet. If you want to take all 4 of these rallies but you know you'll burn, you can avoid the cancel by boosting as soon as the first marches on you, and porting before the next launches. Do this like leap frog. Boost, port, wait, port, wait, port. If you can't manage this, wait until all have launched and are marching on you and then port. If you don't port, and the first rally hits and burns you in place, the others will cancel. The trick is to port though, so having reins with multiple rallies is pointless unless you know you won't burn to any of the rallies.
  18. Having a KvK call group is definitely a huge advantage not only for rally leaders but also for traps. Especially if you can bait some NK rallies. If you are in the forest, and you're on some type of conference call app (Line app I found has the best one imo, no lag, and no dropping out of calls), you can port many tiles away to bait them into having to use NK to start their rally. This requires no boosting, not even kunai to destroy. The rally leader will swap to NK to make their march faster, meanwhile you have players in your alliance watching his gear to tell you when he cores. You can be on your screen with an adjacent tile selected, and as long as your team players do not say "core" you can port immediately as soon as you see "rally incoming" warning pop up. Do not port to scouts, actually read the pop up warnings.

A wounded gazelle sits alone and afraid in the forest as the lions surround her...
A wounded gazelle sits alone and afraid in the forest as the lions surround her...
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    • Shirley Watson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Watson 

      2 years ago

      The best way to know what core set they are going to be using is to check their gear. During kvk I will just look for outlanders that are already burning cores, and port next to the core sets I can safely take. If it doesn't happen that way for you, scouting them usually works as well. Most of the time they have already boosted and you can get a scout report. Otherwise, I recommend porting a safe distance away and out of the forest so that you can shield if they end up using the cores you are weak against.

      This guide hasn't been updated for Bacchus. Today I have over 1.5 bil troop count at just over 15 bil power and I have 0 ranged meat to counter Bacchus. I will shield to Nike rallies.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi, I like your analysis on uneven troops, but how do you know if they are going to attack you with an artemis or nike core set that have contradictory strategies when it comes to dismissing either cavalry or infantry t2 troops?


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