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God of War Reviewed

Updated on June 3, 2009

The video game God of War has been out for some time now. However, I just recently purchased the game and played the game. So I thought I would offer up a review of the game for anyone else that has not yet played or purchased the game. Now this game is a great action game for anyone that loves violence in video games. This game has numerous pluses and has a very easy storyline to follow to keep you interested in the game.

One of the first pros that I really liked about this game is the time that it is based in. I for one love Mythology that was around in the ancient times and this game does a great job of placing you in the middle of the mythological world. You can almost feel the time era changing as your get more involved in this video game, but you must remember that it is only a game.

The next pro that I really liked about this game was the challenge. Now even on easy mode you can count of dying in the game at least once typically more often than that. I know I am just a causal player of games, so some people will probably argue that they can make it thru without dying at all. This is possible, but for me it was not. Now the challenge even on easy mode is difficult because of the amount of creatures you have coming after you.

The graphics that are on this game for it being an older playstation 2 game will amaze you. I know that I was not expecting some of the graphics to be as good as what they were. However, I must say that even at this games age some of the graphics on it are as good if not better than some of my new playstation 3 games. So the graphics features are a big plus adding to the realistic feel. If you are a graphics lover and do not want to spend a small fortune for the newest and best game then here is a great solution for you.

God of War might be an older game, but it is still a great game to play. Anyone that likes playing action video games that has a blend of violence involved this game will be for you. You can sit and play this game for hours on end and never get bored of it. So if you want my opinion of this game I would have to say it is well worth the money that you spend for it and the entertainment value is exceptionally high.


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