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"Gods Unchained" The Newest 2019 TCG Game (PC/Browser)

Updated on January 26, 2019
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Gods Unchained - Overview

The Gods Unchained TCG beta will be released on Q1 2019 on the Ethereum Blockchain. The first set of cards are a completely limited edition Genesis Season of 380 unique cards. These cards will only be available before the game's official launch and during the beta. After Gods Unchained launches there will be a free core set and weekly rotations available as well as several expansions to be released.

They are also currently developing a "Battle Royale" game mode. This will be the first battle royale in a trading card game. Players will be able to drop in and out while powering up from defeated opponents. There will be free daily entry and valuable limited edition prizes for those who manage to hold their own.

Magic: The Gathering created a genre. Hearthstone redefined it in a digital format. Gods Unchained aims to redefine the TCG experience. By taking the best elements of both games, Gods Unchained manages to bring you a familiar board with a new set of rules. Clear and easy to read visual elements make it easy to understand the board at a glance and the monsters and spells are intuitive and fun for anyone experienced in the genre.

Gods Unchained - Gameplay

The game state is very familiar to any fans of the MTG or Hearthstone series. You have 30 health and 30 cards in your deck. The objective is to reduce the other player's health to 0. You start at 1 mana and progress to 9 mana or until the game ends. Once you reach the 6th turn your gems will be locked and it will take longer for your mana pool to increase. This allows the early game to be more effective and meaningful.

There are other various mechanics such as frontline (Taunt) that fans of the genre will intuitively understand. The dev's goal was to make everything in the game as easy as snapping some Legos together. The combat is simple and quick with easy to read indicators. What Gods Unchained does differently at the start though makes the game rather neat.

At the beginning of each game you will choose from a god power. These god powers are unique to your god and give you the chance to adjust your playstyle depending on the match up. They're also quite a bit stronger than normal hero powers with varying mana costs (1 - 6). These abilities are very strong and can sway the game in your favor when used properly. This is a rather nice touch and takes away a lot of the staleness you find in normal TCG metas.

Gods Unchained: Beta Q1 2019
Gods Unchained: Beta Q1 2019

Gods Unchained: Presale & Beta Access

The Gods Unchained Presale has begun and a limited and unique set of 380 genesis cards are for sale. There is also a mythic one-in-a-million titan located inside. The last one sold for $60,000. While these cards are not necessary to play the game they will give you an advantage and a lot more flexibility over the core set. Anyone who purchases a pack will also receive Gods Unchained beta access.

Gods Unchained - Official Website

The Gods Unchained TCG is currently slated for a Q2 release date.


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