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Where To Find Gold Skylanders

Updated on February 20, 2013

Skylanders Gold Prism Break


Silver And Gold Skylanders

Silver and Gold Skylanders are some of the most highly sought after of all Skylanders figures. One of the reasons for this is they just look awesome! Something about the metallic paint colors make the Skylanders look so cool! The other reason is that only very limited amounts of gold and Silver Skylanders were ever manufactured.

In the first Skylanders game called Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure, these metallic Skylanders were sent out to stores at random. They would just be found on shelves alongside their regular counterparts. As soon as news got out that these rare gold and silver figures were on sale, people were dashing out to see if they could complete their collections. Very soon, both Gold Skylanders and Silver Skylanders were appearing on sites like Amazon and Ebay, and due to their popularity prices for these figures increased rapidly.

Now, after the launch of Skylanders Giants, the silver and gold Skylanders remain as popular as ever. In addition to those figures from Spyro's Adventure, Giants added another gold figure to the collection, in the form of Skylanders Gold Flameslinger.

Where to Find Gold Skylanders ?

As we mentioned above, both silver and gold Skylanders are very rare. You would have to be extremely lucky to find either type out on store shelves, although it is not impossible. If you want to find these metallic figures, your best bet is to look on Amazon or Ebay. However, it is important to remember that the prices of these figures are often highly inflated. Another important point is that although the silver and gold Skylanders look very different from their regular versions, they have exactly the same stats and appear the same in the video game. Good luck with your search of Where to Find Gold Skylanders!

Gold And Silver Skylanders On Show

Who Are The Gold Skylanders?

There are four or five different gold Skylanders that you can collect. There are three gold Skylanders from the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure game: Drill Sergeant, Chop Chop and Flameslinger These figures were sold randomly on shelves next to regular Skylanders.

Skylanders Giants introduced one gold Skylander, and this is a gold series 2 Flameslinger.

I don't know whether you can count this strictly as a gold Skylander, but Toys For Bob, the creaters of Skylanders Giants, presented all it's employees with an "Exclusive Employee Edition Holiday 2012" version of Lightcore Prism Break, topped with glittery snow!

Gold Chop Chop

Gold Chop Chop is a really cool Skylanders figure. Chop Chop is an Undead Figure, and his character is supposed to be a highly skilled warrior. As you would expect Chop Chop swings a huge sword, and carry's a large shield. The figure wears armor, and has an especially cool helmet.

The gold Chop Chop looks just awesome. The character, his weapons and even his base are all covered in gold. The only color on the figure is the green plastic at the bottom of his base. Gold Chop Chop is a series 1 Chop Chop figure.

Gold Chop Chop is an extremely rare figure, and prices reflect this. If you want Gold Chop Chop, prepare to pay for the privilege!

Gold Chop Chop

Series 1 Gold Flameslinger

Series 1 Gold Flameslinger is another awesome Skylanders figure. Series 1 figures are those figures designed for the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure game. They do however still play in the Skylanders Giants game. Flameslinger is supposed to be an elven archer, he holds a large bow and arrow, and he must be pretty confident about his shot as he wears a blindfold.

Series 1 Gold Flameslinger is completely painted gold, even his base of flames is a gold color. The only colored part of Gold flameslinger is the green plastic at the bottom of the base.

Series 1 Gold Flameslinger is an extremely rare Skylanders figure. Don't confuse Series 1 Gold Flameslinger with the series 2 version. The Series 2 Flameslinger is much more common, as it was an Amazon exclusive, and so is much lower in price. An easy way to check if the figure is series 1 or series 2 is firstly to check the packaging. If it says Skylanders Spyro's Adventure it is a series 1 figure, if it says Skylanders Giants, it is a series 2 figure. The other main differences are that Series 1 gold Flameslinger has one arrow and a gold base, and series 2 holds three arrows and has an orange colored base.

Series 1 Gold Flameslinger

Gold Drill Sergeant

The Gold Drill Sergeant looks great. Drill sergeant really suits being a gold color, as he is a tech figure, and so is supposed to be metal anyway. Just like the gold series 1 Flameslinger and Chop Chop, Gold Drill Sergeant is completely gold, including his base. The only colored part of the figure is the green at the bottom of the base.

Gold Drill Sergeant is a rare Skylanders figure, and can sell online for more than 100 dollars. Gold Drill Sergeant can be found in a single character pack, or in a triple pack with series 1 Whirlwind and series 1 Double Trouble.

Gold Drill Sergeant

Series 2 Gold Flameslinger

Series 2 Gold Flameslinger is the most common, and therefore lowest priced of the Gold Skylanders. The reason for this is that this version of Gold Flameslinger is sold as an Amazon exclusive, and so is found in much larger numbers. The gold figures above appeared randomly on shelves, in only small quantities.

Series 2 Gold Flameslinger is still an awesome figure. This version holds three instead of one arrow, and his base is decorated in orange and yellow flames.

Series 2 Gold Flameslinger

Lightcore Gold Prism Break

What can we say about Gold Prism Break except that this figure is totally awesome!!The Toys For Bob Exclusive Employee Edition Holiday 2012 Prism Break is a lot of fun. Designed with the holiday spirit in mind this gold Prism Break looks very festive, decorated with its white flocked snow effect. Gold Prism Break has a dusting of snow on the top of his head, on his huge arms and around his base. Even cooler is that he is also a Lightcore version of Prism Break and so loghts up when put on the Portal Of Power. Gold Prism Break I think is the coolest of all the metallic Skylanders figures. At the moment there is one of these special edition Gold Prism Break figures on eBay with a buy it now price of $500. I think I am going to be waiting a long time for mine!

Lightcore Gold Prism Break

Which Is Your Favorite Gold Skylanders?

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    • profile image

      finn 22 months ago

      lightcore gold prizm break is sooooooo COOL AND RARE ONCE I SAW IT AT TARGET FOR 5$ i want it sooooo badly i will do anything for it plz plz plz i need it plus i got silver blast zone i need it