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Goldeneye 007 Review

Updated on October 31, 2012

Goldeneye 007 for the Wii is one of the best if not the best first person shooter the Wii has ever had. Over the next several sections I will tell you the ups and downs of this remake. One side note, I did not ever play the original Goldeneye so my opinion is not in any way comparing it to that game. From what I hear if you are expecting this remake of Goldeneye to be similar then you shouldn't get it because it has changed. But if your like me who is looking for the Wii's best first person shooter, read on.


Single Player: The single player campaign for Goldeneye 007 rocks this world! It has a great story full of action( It is James Bond by the way) that will keep you playing more and more. Playing the single player campaign is so great because of its diversity. One moment you will be storming a building whereas the next you will be crushing everything in your path with a tank or driving a motorcycle while trying to shoot off bad guys. And Goldeneye 007 has hours of it! I have been playing for over 7 hours now and still have not completed the easiest setting. And once you beat the easiest level you can play it all over again on medium and hard! I know what your thinking, "Well that's boring, whats the point of playing the game all over again except it being a tad but harder?" The answer is that you get to play almost a whole new game! By playing on lets say medium instead of easy, you will have to complete more missions in new areas that you never even thought existed! Another great aspect of this game is that it rarely has any lag. I hate games that are constantly laggy and that make your characters walk awkwardly because of how often it freezes up. Well not Goldeneye 007. You will barely experience any lag in this game except one or two times when the battles get intense. But even then it will only last for a couple seconds then never come again. There is even an expert level that is similar to the original game since your life doesn't refill over time like most games. Key facts highlighting single player campaign:

  1. Full of Action
  2. Diverse Game play
  3. A bunch of different missions
  4. Very little lag
  5. Hours of Play

Multiplayer: Now for multiplayer which makes the COD(Call Of Duty) games famous. Goldeneye 007 is actually published by Activision which is why some people even call it Call of Duty: Goldeneye. Many people think this game is very similar to COD although in a good way. And one of these ways is multiplayer. Although Goldeneye doesn't have as many options when it comes to multiplayer as Black Ops or Modern Warfare it is still very good. There are several ways to play both all vs all and team battles in the multiplayer game. Some complaints have been that there is no player to player communication system for Goldeneye 007 while playing team multiplayer, but I personally have not found this to be much of an issue. The best aspect of multiplayer is its very limited lag and connection issues. Your aiming is always right on so there is none of that annoying misaiming. I have to admit that there is one thing that happens to bother me every once in awhile. The problem is that for every game there is a "host" which is the first person join the game. But whenever your host quits, the whole game will end. So even if you are mid-game, instead of substituting your host for another player like normal, your whole game will end if the host decides to leave. The good news is that this is a rare problem but it should not go unmentioned. Here is the recap of multiplayer:

The Good:

  1. Next to nothing lag
  2. Different multiplayer modes/game

The Bad:

  1. Ocassional "Host" Problems


 The controls are one of the most important aspects of a game to many gamers.  You'll be glad to here that the default controls for Goldeneye 007 for the wii remote are right on the target!  I have not even messed with the default controls for the wii remote because they worked perfectly for me.  The classic controller pro is also an option along with the game cube controller.  I have not played with a Classic Controller but I have used the game cube controller several times. If you are going to be playing a lot stick with the wii remote but otherwise the Gamecube controller may work.  My friend uses it all the time when he comes over to play with me, but its because he has no experiance with the wii remote and doesn't have 30 min to learn which is all it takes.  The probelm with using the Gamecube Controller is that the buttons feel unnatural and sometimes several buttons are shared which is a pain.  Here are my stats:

  1. Wii Remote: Right on the sport, perfect choice for the owners of Goldeneye 007. Takes a little bit of time to get used to for first time wii shooters.
  2. Game Cube Controller: Not good for experianced Goldeneye players. Works fine when having friends over.
  3. Classic Controller: Untested(works better than Gamecube Controller but worse than wii remote according to online reveiws.)

Games, Guides, and Controllers

 Goldeneye 007 is definitely a game not worth missing. If you feel I left out reviewing part of this game please let me know so I can add it in ASAP. I hope this helps you make your decisions to buy it. Thanks


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