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"Golem Academy": A Card Game Review!

Updated on March 9, 2016

Where did it come from?

Golem Academy emerged as the first card game produced by Silly Kid Games based in Atlanta, Georgia, a small company with big dreams and awesome, future game ideas! I got my copy of GA when I helped fund the Kickstarter page back in the summer of 2015. A fully funded project and a few short months later, the beautiful game appeared on my door step, eager to be played! The finished game is best suited for those 12 years old an up, and for 2 to 4 players.

Finn and his golem, Cheeks
Finn and his golem, Cheeks | Source

Game Basics

You never know what to expect from a fresh off the press game, but Silly Kid Games (SKG) delivered on all fronts: art, durability, color, style, font, flow, and ease of use and understanding. You can really tell they take pride in their work and want everyone to have an awesome time playing games together. Anyone can learn to play this game and you will fall in love with the amazing characters, Finn, Gavin, Delia, and Karin.

Golem Academy is a 4 player (however expansions are in the works) card game comprised of different decks of cards all based of that given character, Gavin, Finn, Karin, or Delia. Each character has a golem, or companion that fights along side them against the other players. The more you bolster (discard a fusion card for a specific cost) the more you increase the bond between character and golem. Once at a high enough bond, the two become FUSED to create an even more powerful duo!

Finn and Cheeks fused to become one!
Finn and Cheeks fused to become one! | Source

As you continue to bolster, once per turn you may choose to fight one opponent. You play combat cards, each with their own attack and defense values. The opposing player can attempt to block, evade, and counter attack in response. There are so many different combinations of cards to use, and even better, there are cards that affect the opponent even when its not your turn! You beat them up on your turn and remind them who's boss on their turn! Of course, if you have more than 2 players, people can choose to work together or turn on each other at any point. The goal!? Be the last one standing and claim bragging rights alongside your golem in a victory dance!


Play Multiple Times!

To understand most things, you need to practice or at least try more than once to understand it. My friends didn't exactly have to pull my arm too much for me to play this gem multiple time. In fact the room was pretty unanimous on our decision to play again. We were eager to each try out all the characters and their golems. There are so many ways the game can go, and the tides can change in an instant. It kept us on our toes as we tried to one up our opponent. Also, the game only takes anywhere from 25 minutes to in hour to play! We get to play so many times in one sitting because of this! Everyone wanted to win with their favorite characters.

Example of the player boards each person has in front of them during the game. Notice each board has a helpful reminder of the game play order and bond tracker number.
Example of the player boards each person has in front of them during the game. Notice each board has a helpful reminder of the game play order and bond tracker number. | Source

More to come!

While the 4 characters in the original game are wonderful by themselves, SKG has announced the development of more characters to add! I will most certainly continue to support this game and this company. While I got my version of GA through the Kickstarter, they will soon be launching their online shop so you can purchase your copy too. Make sure to keep an eye out for that at

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet review. I can do a more indepth review later if your hearts desire. Just let me know! In the mean time, I hope you will get your chance to play and love this game as much as I do!

Even kitties love Golem Academy!
Even kitties love Golem Academy! | Source
Odin loves her some GA box!
Odin loves her some GA box! | Source


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