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Gollum's Cave Hobbit Lego Sets - 79000 Riddles For The Ring

Updated on November 13, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at some of the new Hobbit Lego sets. More specifically the one featuring Bilbo in Gollum’s Cave. This set is called Riddles For The Ring and we are going to preview the new set, tell you about the release date for it and where you can pick it up from. Plus we will mention the other Hobbit Lego sets that are going to be coming out. The main focus of this article will be the Gollum’s Cave Lego set.

Here at The Hobbit Hole we are genuinely excited by all things Lego. When the new Lord Of The Rings sets came out we couldn’t wait to see what fantastic creations we were going to be getting. Now we have the imminent release of the first wave of Hobbit sets so once again anticipation is building. Due to the fact that this release is based purely on the Hobbit we thought it only right to review each new set. So look out for out other pages taking a closer look at all six new Hobbit sets. For now though let’s take a closer look at Gollum’s Cave.

The New Gollum Set

The New Gollum's Cave Lego Hobbit Set

So although we have been calling this new release Gollum’s Cave it is actually called ‘Riddles For The Ring’, not quite as catchy a title we don’t think but it does of course fit in with the story. We were thinking a better name may have been ‘Riddles In The Dark’, or simply ‘Gollum’s Cave’. The set is based on the section of the story where Bilbo is fleeing from the goblins and stumbles deep down into the mountain and comes across a dark dank cave that is home to a very curious little creature. We know him as Gollum and this is a of course a very significant moment in the story which ties the Hobbit to the later Lord Of The Rings. We won’t give to much away in case you are not yet familiar with the story but basically the scene plays out with Gollum and Bilbo playing a deadly game of riddles.

The Riddles For The Ring has the Lego item number 79000. This is going to be the smallest of the six new Hobbits sets released and it should retail at around $15. When it comes to release date we are expecting it be out sometime in early December, giving parents a chance to get these in time for Christmas and of course just in time for the release of the movie.

The set itself features two minifigures which is not many but they are very good ones. You get Bilbo who carries a little sword with him and of course you get Gollum who comes with a little fish. The Gollum figure is very nicely done and fans will probably buy this set just to get hold of Gollum. The set itself only has a small amount of bricks and these are used to make a small version of Gollum’s Cave and also a little boat which is of course the one Gollum uses to get to his island in the middle of the lake. The build then is pretty average and nothing really all that special, Lego obviously wanted to include such an important scene as one of the sets though. When this one does get it’s release it will be interesting to see how many people snap it up.

Bag End Set

More New Hobbit Lego

As well as the Riddles For The Ring set there are going to be five other new Lego sets coming out based on the first part of The Hobbit trilogy. Lego plan to release more sets at a future date so this first wave of six is just to whet our appetite. So the first one we will tell you about is An Unexpected Gathering. This is a set based on Bilbo’s Hobbit hole and it features Bilbo, Gandalf and four of the Dwarves as minifigures. There is some wonderful detail on Bag End and we are sure fans will love the way Lego have made this one.

Probably the largest of the new sets is The Goblin King Battle with the item number 79010. This is taken from the part of the story where Bilbo and the dwarves are down in Goblin Town and Gandalf comes to their rescue. This set has Gandalf and three dwarves as the main minifigures plus there are also a few goblins and the very impressive looking Goblin King who reminds me a little of the Cave Troll from the Mines of Moria LOTR set.

Soon after Bilbo and the dwarves flee from Goblin Town they are chased out of the Misty Mountains by the Goblins and their Wargs. Hence we get the set ’Attack Of The Wargs’. This is a middle of the range set when it comes to size and it features a few dwarves and some goblins as the minifigs. The Wargs look a little bit like large wolves and are completely new moulds from Lego.

One of the standout sections of the Tolkien story happens in Mirkwood when the spiders attack. So naturally Lego have brought out a set based on this, Escape From The Mirkwood Spiders come with item number 79001 and will feature two dwarves and also the introduction of new characters Tauriel and what we think might be Legolas. There are two large spiders as well and some nice looking webs that you can catch the figures in.

The final set is going to be Barrel Escape and this looks like being a fairly large set. It will feature Bilbo and a few of the dwarves and also two wood elves. The build itself looks interesting and has lots going on and there are some good details. We like the way you can fit the minifigures into the actual barrels.

As you can see there are going to be lots of really exciting Hobbit Lego sets coming out at the end of the year. The once based on Gollum’s Cave may only be small but Riddles For The Ring will surely be a popular set when it gets it’s release due to the fact that you get a Gollum figure included. Over the coming years we expect to see more Hobbit sets and also some new Lord Of The Rings lego which means fans of Tolkien’s work who like Lego should be in for a real treat.


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