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Awesome Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Color Games

Updated on October 24, 2010

Pulled out your old Gameboy Color and don't know what to do with it? Is your Nintendo DS (or Gameboy Advance) out of reach or out of batteries for the moment, ROM's and emulators are out of the question, and you have no choice but to go for the classics?

Never fear, I have exactly what you need: A list of some great games for the Gameboy Color that you might want to play.

Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow / Silver / Gold / Crystal

Needless to say, these are classics. I wondered whether I should actually mention them even, since they're such obvious choices. These are possibly some of the best games ever made for any hand-held system, period, and they're certainly at the top of the ranks for the Gameboy Color.

If you've ever had a Gamboy, chances are you already know what these games are all about--collect these cute little creatures and battle them against each other, all why going on an adventure, traveling from city to city and exploring caves.

When they were first released (and even to this day) these games rocked the USA and Japan alike, and they're still just as fun today as they were then.

Project S-11

A really random, obscure shooter that is just so full of win that it must be mentioned. Graphically, it's one of the best-looking shooters I've seen for the Gameboy Color, and the music is unusually good for the GBC's primitive speaker. Most of all, though, the gameplay is smooth and just works really well, as contrasted with more annoying shooters that ended up on the GBC. Unlike a lot of space shooters for this console, it doesn't seem to be a port for anything and is an original Gameboy Color game.

Solar Striker

This is an original Gameboy (not GBC) game, and is basically a standard vertical scrolling shooter. (I admit, I have a soft spot for these types of games.) Like Project S-11, it's not a port as far as I can tell and is totally original.

Like a lot of shooters, this isn't the easiest game in the history of mankind, and doesn't have the most continues, either, but it sort of comes with the territory. Try it out.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy Game

Yes, another Pokemon game; and, yes, a game based on a game.

Back in the day, when you were a kid and collected the cards, but didn't know how to actually play the Pokemon TCG, this was supposed to help a guy out. Interestingly, though, I found that this game was fun in and of itself and was quite addicting. It's one of those games that seems too simple and short, though, and you find yourself wishing it was more elaborate because what's already there is so good.

This game also has the side-effect, of course, of teaching you the preliminary theory of how to play the Pokemon Card Game, though you'll find the modern-day cards to be a little more complex as new functions and rules have been added since.

Hope I gave you some ideas on what to play on the GBC. If you have any favorites yourself, be sure to mention them.



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