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41 Good Things Do When Your Bored

Updated on August 13, 2010

Stuff to do when your bored...

Have you ever been really bored? When it's raining outside, your on your own, nothing on the tv, nothing on the radio and your just bored outta your mind (If not, why are you reading this?)? But, when you are this bored, I found some fun things to do...

  1. Write a Hub, like this. I'm only writing this because I'm really bored and I've done almost everything else on this list.
  2. Build a tower out of books/CDs/Whatever else is lying round.
  3. Try to pick the lock on the nearest safe/door (as long as it's yours!) with a paperclip or hairpin.
  4. Make green fried eggs (I have written a hub on how to do this).
  5. Make a xylophone out of glass bottles.
  6. Learn to make things using origami.
  7. Go on (or similar) and make a wishlist of everything you want.
  8. Get some spare wood and try to carve something.
  9. Make a target board and shoot at it/throw things at it.
  10. Go out and run/cycle somewhere.
  11. Bake a cake.
  12. Tidy the house.
  13. Read a book.
  14. Wash the cat/dog/gerbil.
  15. Try to start a conversation with strangers in the street. See how long you can keep them talking!
  16. Stand in your front yard and try and scare people by jumping out at them or shouting.
  17. Climb onto the roof and stare at people as they pass by.
  18. Paint something random.
  19. Put everyone on your streets doormat on the pavement outside their house.
  20. Try and build a drumkit out of household objects.
  21. If you play an instrument, go learn a new tune.
  22. Go up to random people in the street and go 'Hey, don't you remember me? Oh, terribly sorry, I thought you were someone else, sorry, sorry...sorry...' and keep apologising until they get annoyed with you.
  23. Hang something on the side of your house, such as a banner or poster or flag.
  24. Invent an imaginary friend.
  25. Try and have a conversation with animals.
  26. Play songs backwards to search for hidden messages.
  27. Set fire to leaves/twigs with a magnifying glass.
  28. Try and remember the last dream you had.
  29. Go 'Google Whacking'. Search for two random words on google, and try and find a pair that give you only one google result. The last one I found (a while ago, not sure if it still works) was 'escapades austerior'.
  30. Take a long bath.
  31. Plant a tree/plant.
  32. Search for a lizard or other interesting creature in your garden.
  33. Start learning a new language.
  34. Go to a museum or a zoo or aquarium.
  35. Go swimming.
  36. Make a really big sandwich.
  37. Make chocolate apples.
  38. Have a bbq in your yard.
  39. Count all your change.
  40. Get rid of all your not-functioning biros.
  41. Grow ice cubes with spikes, or try one of the other experiments I have written hubs for.


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    • profile image

      cghkhcgvbj,gkud 5 months ago

      i didnt want to do of these cause im BORED

    • profile image

      awesome 22 months ago

      this kept me busy for like 2-3 hours

    • profile image

      Joanna 2 years ago

      Love 17

    • profile image

      dayana 3 years ago

      I don't have house i have a boring buildi g

    • profile image

      sophia 3 years ago

      I love these ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ellie24 3 years ago

      I love the 24th idea

    • profile image

      ayona 3 years ago

      Finally something to do

    • profile image

      Dhxhhny 4 years ago

      Hie thjl

    • profile image

      Yancie 4 years ago

      I hate Ellie

    • profile image

      ellie 4 years ago

      this was actually quite handy thanks I would really recommend this!:) x

    • profile image

      chloe 7 years ago