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Got an iPhone? Play Draw Something!

Updated on May 29, 2012

Move over Angry Birds and Words with Friends because there's a new Android game app in town that's a new contender: Draw Something by OMGPOP/Zynga! This game can be played on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other Android device for free, and you don't really even have to have artistic talent to play.

Most game players recognize the Zynga name if they play Farmville or Words with Friends and might be interested in learning that Zynga recently purchased the OMGPOP game, undoubtedly because they recognized it's potential to become something BIG. Players access Draw Something through Facebook, but it can't be played on a computer screen yet.


How to Play Draw Something

The game rules are easy in Draw Something: Draw! The game works like this: you are given three choices of words (or names) to draw, you pick one, draw it and send to your friend. Each word has a complexity ranking of 1-3 coins, and those words in the #3 ranking can be very difficult!The coins you earn can be used for more colors and bombs (see section below)

When the other player gets the picture, it is accompanied by some scrambled letters that contain the answer and blank boxes with the number of letters the word contains. A fun part of this game is that the other player gets to watch you draw your picture, mistakes, erasures and all! If you've done a good job in drawing the word, they guess it (sometimes before you've even finished your drawing)...if not, they give up. Then it's their turn.

Unlike other games, you and your "opponent" really become team mates. You don't defeat the other player, but learn to work with them, much like being Pictionary partners! In an age of ugly rivalry in sports and politics, I find this refreshing.

I play Draw Something with my Grand-kids (ages 8 to 20), Family, and Facebook friends. Sometimes my BFF lets her young grandson draw her picture...which forces me to apply my letter scramble talent to figure out the word!

The best part is that you're never too young or too old to play Draw Something.


Fun Colors

The hardest part of Draw Something is drawing on the small screen (unless you are using an iPad) but you'll find yourself getting more and more creative in that little space! If you have a stylus pen drawing is much easier, but if you don't have one, just use your finger.

Many times you'll just be drawing stick figures and simple shapes in black and white, but at other times, you'll decide a little color will convey the message best. The free game provides you with a few basic colors and as you play, you earn game coins that can be used for more colors and other game items. Trust me, you'll add to your color palette the longer you play this game.


Inner Child Therapy

I love Draw Something! I was thinking about that the other day, wondering what it is about this simple game that is so much fun, and I think I know. Playing this game reminds me of grade school art activity...much like being given a drawing tablet and a new set of crayons or one of those water color paint trays. Draw Something allows me to be nine years old again!


Draw Something Tools

Eraser and back arrow: Yes, you'll need to revise your picture at times, and these come in handy!

Bombs: You'll be given some free bombs when you start playing. You can use the bombs to get rid of some of the letters to help determine the correct word. They can also be used to get a new set of 3 words if you don't like the ones you were given.

Turns: In addition to all the fun of drawing pictures in this game, you become obsessed with growing your number of successful turns. As you and and your friend guess correctly, your turn number grows. Several of my friends and I have turn numbers in the hundreds.

Stats: For players who love statistical data, Draw Something tracks various info:

  • The longest streak you and your fiend have achieved
  • The coin distribution, which gives you an indication of who draws the most complex pictures
  • Your average guess speed and your friends average draw speed
  • A pie graph of your tops colors used and word difficulty level

New Draw Something Features

The Draw Something Game got better when they added the "share it" and "save it" features. After you've drawn your picture you can now post it to your Facebook profile or save it to your iPhone or iPod and download it to your computer. Why would you want to do that? Well, let's just say day you'll draw a picture and think...dang..that is really good! That's when you'll save it.

The game also offers a message option, wherein you can write your comments about the pictures you receive or send.


Get Drawing Something!

Have I peaked your interest in Draw Something? I hope so. No matter how High Brow you are, I'm sure you have a kid inside there somewhere. Find a friend who isn't too stuffy to play and get drawing. In no time at all, I predict you'll have a whole palette of colors, a stylus pen and pay the $1.99 for the ad-free version of Draw Something.

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