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Gotz dolls

Updated on February 20, 2013

Does your daughter dream of playing with dolls? Does she like American Girl dolls but you think they are too pricey? Fear no more, there is an alternative to AG overpriced dolls. Manufactured by the very same company that produced preMatel AG dolls is a line of 18" dolls that will delight your daughter - a Götz (spelled Gotz and Goetz) brand.

Introducing Gotz doll - history

Götz dolls are made in Germany by a doll manufacturing company with long traditions in the business. The company was founded in 1950 by Franz Götz and the dolls were originally hand made and sold by his family. If you didn't know, Götz company made the original American Girl Dolls for Pleasant Company. That's why Goetz dolls are as close as it gets to their AG counterparts. Gotz dolls can wear AG doll clothes and vice versa. Besides that, Goetz family started manufacturing artists dolls and to this day they are well known and cherished by many connoisseurs who collect dolls all over the world.

Gotz Julia
Gotz Julia

Gotz dolls feature:

  • high quality vinyl (phthalate-free) articulate limbs
  • soft cloth body (Goetz company made dolls for Pleasant Co so they have almost the same body size and type
  • delicate facial features, their faces are simply adorable
  • rooted long hair that can be styled, brushed and washed unlike AG dolls. German manufacturer believes that rooted hair are better suited for play than glued on wigs
  • sleep eyes - they close and open up
  • long eyelashes
  • high quality workmanship
  • attractive fashions for the dolls

These dolls come in many hair colors, sizes and fashionable outfits. Their face is different than that of American Girl dolls, they have a delicate toothless smile and rosy cheeks. They are sturdy and loveable and will endure hours of play as they are made to last. Even though the age recommendation for AG dolls is 8 years I offered a gotz doll to my then 5 year old and the doll is still as beautiful and in great condition as it was when I bought it.

Gotz Elisabeth
Gotz Elisabeth

Some facts:

  1. Gotz company produces play dolls designed for girls to play with and artist dolls that are more expensive. When choosing a doll for you daughter, remember to look for a doll that comes from a collection "Precious Day". In the past, Gotz had a line of dolls called "Little Sisters" but they are now only available through ebay, "Little Sisters" are discontinued and replaced by "Precious Day" dolls.
  2. Currently available dolls in that collection are: Julia - red hair, Elisabeth - brunette, Jessica - blonde.
  3. You can wash their hair, just remember not to use a blow dryer, it may frizzle their hair.
  4. Manufacturer says that you can wash your doll in a washer as long as you place her in a cotton pillow cover, however, I haven't done this and can't comment on that.

Julia from Precious Day collection - my own photo
Julia from Precious Day collection - my own photo

Final notes.

We were able to purchase these dolls from a local discount retailer at a fraction of AG doll price. You may be occasionally able to come across them in such stores as Tuesday Morning or Marshalls. I noticed that recently a red head Julia is not available through Amazon, though.

I have looked at some other brands to see if they compared well, my observations are that Our Generation dolls are not as beautiful and well made as Gotz. Madame Alexander has a good line of play dolls, too. They are slightly different, though as they come with a breast plate and their body shape is slightly different.


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