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Gpotato Cards: Available For Rappelz

Updated on November 19, 2010

gPotato Prepaid Game Card - $15

Take a look at this bonus for Rappelz you can buy this card and get a 150 gpotatoes extra for the same price. This is the only place that I can find the bonus cards so get your hands on the bonus. You can buy lots of weapons, mask, wings, potions and so much more with Gpotatoes to enhance your playing experience in the world of Rappelz. Even make money in Rappelz by buying item shop items and selling them for ruppees in the game that's the easiest way to make money.

Sales on

You can get T-protect Mirrors for that never fail tame up til November 23 you can buy these from the Item Shop and you can use the gpotato cards.
There are also ways to buy money or ruppees online but way to many people have bad luck with these because the operator says quick delievery but then they need to switch accounts or do trades or something else that is sketchy.

Gpotato Money Cards

 You can really buy any Gpotato card with any amount of money and what is nice is during the holidays the cards dont have extra amounts on them but when you redeem them sometimes their are bonus presents that you recieve,


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