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Grampy's Land Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x16)

Updated on January 24, 2011
For more Minecraft texture packs, tips and mods, visit:
For more Minecraft texture packs, tips and mods, visit: | Source

An attempt at 'realism' in 16 x 16 format, Grampy's Land is not a bad little texture pack, not a bad little texture pack at all. If you're looking for an additional 16 x 16 texture pack that is pleasantly neutral with little hints of character, then Grampy's Land may very well be the texture pack of your dreams – or at least the texture pack of your next few hours. Let's not go overboard on the commitment front.

Let's take a little run through Grampy's world, shall we? For the most part, the surprises are pleasant. I particularly like the wood textures, which are very woody and smooth and also rather neutral. Building with wood is therefore, an organic experience in which nature blends with other parts of nature to create creations of Minecraft excellence.

Glass is particularly well done too. The creator has resisted the urge to put borders and fancy patterns on it, which means that it is particularly useful for seeing through, which is nice. The only thing obstructing your view are occasional streaks of grey which let you know that the glass is actually there.

I don't particularly care for the glowstone / lightstone, which looks a great deal like lava, which can be very disconcerting especially when you've made a wooden structure lit by glowstone. Fortunately the lava effects end at the appearance, so your wooden structures are safe.

Smooth stone is particularly smooth, and in contrast the cobblestone is especially cobbly. The dirt has a silky appearance which is rather pleasing to the eye and a nice change from the harsh blocky pixels in the default texture pack. Unfortunately the tree leaves have a tendency too appear very 'busy' from a distance. On the plus side, the grass is especially nice, with a mown grass effect that makes it look rather as if Grampy has taken his push mower to the entire world. Water is unchanged and sand is much the same, albiet with a wavy texture that puts one in mind of tropical locales.

Interior decorating wise, cloth is tinted with gold thread, which I suppose we can thank Gramma for, she's obviously an avid seamstress. Paintings are largely unchanged, which is nice if you're particularly attached to certain works of in game art. There's nothing worse than finally positioning a giant skull and then having it changed to a picture of baggy overall'd Mario when you change texture packs.

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