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Grand Theft Auto 5

Updated on October 18, 2014

Story's Plot! (Brief)

The story is interwoven allowing the gamer to play as all of the three characters who make up the crew. The story is set around these three main characters who include, Franklin (former street gangster), Michael (professional ex-con) and Trevor (violent maniac). All of these men are dangerous as well as criminals with a background for violence and imprisonment. The crew risk everything when they start to do a series of heists which will set them up for life.

Bigger and better than ever before!

Grand theft auto 5, set in Los Santos is the biggest and most diverse world ever created by Rockstar with the best, most up to date graphics, all new game play experience and an all new range of vehicles to get you started. The three main playable characters in the single player mode, Franklin, Michael and Trevor make up the crew which although lead completely differently lives away from one another know how to work together when it comes to doing their job. With different abilities and skill sets, they make for the perfect team when it comes to doing a heist.

These are no mere petty heists which the crew dare to pull but rather some of the biggest heists which means big money as the crew hope to make enough to take an early retirement. But with bigger heists comes bigger risks which could even cost them their lives so its risking it all to take it all.

Open World!

Los Santos where the game is set, is a completely open world which means that you can do missions or roam the streets killing pedestrians as well as collecting money for side completing side missions. With all new vehicles, you can cruise the streets, drive boats and fly (helicopters, jets and other planes) around the sky. There are challenges which you are also able to complete which can be done through various activities which may also make for some fun.

All new weapons can be bought for you to start up your own personal inventory to use for missions as well as free roaming the city killing pedestrians. You can also buy houses, apartments, cars, planes etc. With all of the things for you to do, there is an endless amount of fun which can be had on the all new Grand theft auto 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5
Grand Theft Auto 5 | Source

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2013's Hot Pre-Order

With the success of the previous Grand theft auto (IV), selling over 25 million copies worldwide there's no surprise that Grand Theft Auto 5 is a hot Pre-Order. It is unsure at the moment, just how many copies have been Pre-Ordered but I wouldn't surprised no matter how big the figures were.

This is certainly going to be one of the most lucrative games for Rockstar this year with the anticipation for fans right now. The previous Grand theft auto (IV) was released in 2008 so it has now been 5 years since we have seen the last Grand theft auto. So you can understand the excitement for fans of the franchise including myself as we wait for the release.

Grand Theft Auto- Online Official Trailer

Multiplayer Gameplay

In the multi player game play you decide what you do alone or with friends. You can start up a crew with friends committing crimes and making money. You can cruise around the city showing off your car and even race your friends as well as random people from around the world. You can drive vehicle on the ground, on the water and in the sky.

With better graphics and a new experience, you will wonder why you ever played Grand Theft Auto 4. You can run around the streets making friends as well as enemies which is the aim of the game which is for you to do whatever you want.

When you start making money you can customise your character changing hair styles, clothing and your players physical appearance. When you start to earn serious cash you can buy cars as well as other vehicles but wait, you have no need to worry about space to store your cars as you can even buy a garage big enough for all your cars.

In the online official trailer for Grand theft auto 5 you will see just what is install for the multi player experience in this open world. Its an all new experience which all gamers are going to want to play if not for the multi player, then for the single player missions.

Before Release Rating

5 stars for Grand Theft Auto 5

First Impressions!

My first impressions for the game seem overwhelmingly towards the better side as the single player as well as the multi player seem great. With Rock Star (creator of Grand theft auto 5) with their latest creation, it is clear that we are going to see the best Grand theft auto with the 5th instalment. Since Grand theft auto 4, all fans of the franchise have been talking about is what will Rock Star do next and now we are seeing trailer releases for the game, we are finally getting an idea for what we can expect.

After having looked for the past couple of months all that I could find on You Tube were fake Grand theft auto 5 trailers which was a little annoying, especially since I was tricked a couple of times because the fakes were so well put together. I have seen fake game play footage claiming to be from Grand theft auto 5 as well as fake trailers for the game. However this week I found an official trailer for the game which gives an idea of what can be expected for the multi player experience. I have to say that this is one game you can not afford to miss as the entire game seems amazing with zero flaws. Although I can not say for definite, other than Call of Duty Ghosts, I think this might be the best game for 2013.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Main Characters)
Grand Theft Auto 5 (Main Characters) | Source

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A Must Buy/Pre-Order

With so much to offer in only one game, I'm sure most of you will have already Pre-Ordered this game or at the very least, preparing to buy the game after its released. For those who are not sure whether or not to buy the game, I would advise that you buy it if you want to play a shooter or an adventure game. This is because the graphics will be better than ever before with an all new open world for you to explore, play missions and go online with friends. Those of you who have played a Grand theft auto game before, especially those who have played Grand theft auto IV will know that this is a franchise which you can not miss out on. Its not just a game, its hours worth of fun which you can play alone, with friends or with random people from around the world.

Huge expectations but will the game deliver!

There is one question which is floating in my mind which is, will Grand theft auto 5 deliver all that it claims it will? The hope is that it will because even with all of the information which has been provided to us by Rockstar along with their trailer, I still feel a little nervous about just how good the game will be. I'm sure that others will feel similar as what can happen with games like Grand theft auto 5, is you build up your expectations, setting the bar really high then what happens is the game seems to disappoint in some way or another. Which isn't to say that I have played games immediately finding them rubbish because I can not feel the gun in my hands when playing a shooter but the games can some times feel like they are not quite good enough.

However I am 95% sure that Grand theft auto 5 will deliver on all the aspects of the game especially the multi player as it seems that they have put a lot of time and effort into this area of the game. Which is understandable considering the success which the multi player had on Grand theft auto 4, making it fairly obvious that this would be an area to concentrate on in future Grand theft auto games. As well as Grand theft auto 4's multi player game play experience I remember that in Red dead redemption (also made by Rockstar) it also had a great multi player experience. So it is clear that this is something which like most other games they want to concentrate on in their games as online game play has increased in popularity among gamers dramatically over the past few years.

Grand Theft Auto Sales

Game Title
Copies Sold (in million)
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Grand Theft Auto IV
What can we expect for Grand Theft Auto 5!


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