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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) reveal trailer livestream on IGN

Updated on November 2, 2011

GTA 5 logo pic

GTA 5 trailer out today

All right, so last week Rockstar Games came out with a very bold but basic statement that Grand Theft Auto V is well in the works. In fact, the only thing they left was this logo that you see on the right. Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat, made a very good statement saying, "You KNOW you have a big game when you can announce the arrival of a TRAILER for an upcoming game and THAT makes news!"

The buzz for this game has been building, building, building. That IGN is throwing an event just on the strength of the trailer and discussing it. This is great because the last time we got a Grand Theft Auto game since 2008. Of course, Rockstar has been busy with a few other titles, namely the popular wild, wild west-esque game, Red Dead Redemption.

However, it looks like they are back to California with this title. They are exchanging the depth (map wise) for graphical improvements beyond this world. Although, I would love to see a combination of both (screw you Xbox for your lame disc), which would be VERY likely as a PS3 exclusive due to its Blu-Ray technology - it's not happening =(.

The actually livestream begins in the afternoon today 12pm EST, and 9am PST. Check out my link so you can get the stream in comfort of your own home of the GTA V Reveal Trailer LiveStream


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