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Grand Theft Auto. It's coming to next-gen!

Updated on June 21, 2014

Exciting stuff!

The three characters you'll get to love
The three characters you'll get to love

The Characters (You already know!)

Grand Theft Auto 5. How much more do I need to say? If you were unfortunate enough not to own or play this game on current-gen last year. I feel sorry for you. Basically, it's 3 characters which is a change from the normal Grand Theft Auto series but works well for the development of its in-depth storylines.

Each character has their own story for the player to be drawn into. The 3 protagonists in the game are as follows;

Trevor Phillips - The redneck owner of 'Trevor Phillips Enterprises' is quite the character and the player soon feels almost sorry for this mentally unstable man as things just don't go his way. He spends his day to day life living in his rundown trailer in the graphically beautiful Los Santos desert. In his glory days, Trevor was a former military pilot before becoming a bank robber with the second character protagonist Michael De Santa.

Michael De Santa - Michael for me is the main and more stereotypical GTA character. He and Trevor Phillips are retired bank robbers, but Michael was forced to make a deal with the games law enforcers, the FIB, to be moved into witness protection and into an almost mansion sized house in the downtown Los Santos area. Michaels family know of his shady past and are forever sponging his bank account forcing him into yet more (yes, you guessed it) criminal activity. His wife Amanda De Santa doesn't have the best of relationships with her husband like the rest of the family, their two children Tracy De Santa and Jimmy De santa. Michaels criminal activity befriends him with the final and third protagonist, Franklin Clinton.

Franklin Clinton - Remember CJ from GTA San Andreas? This is who most people compare Franklin to. A young, African-American seems closely related to the Grove Street families from GTA San Andreas. Franklin wants to make as a big time criminal in Los Santos. Dreams may come true as soon enough he meets the other two protagonists and they plot together to rip off the biggest banks and business that Los Santos has to offer.

Welcome to Los Santos baby!

Its got it all, densely populated city, long beautiful sandy beaches, mountainous valleys and hills and even its own sandy desert. Los Santos really does offer it all and there's nothing better than stealing a supercar and forcing a police chase through its beautiful scenery in true GTA style.

PS3 vs PS4


The Trailer (comparison)

Rockstar, We love you!

It was always rumored but in true Rockstar fashion, they stayed tight-lipped about anything regarding GTA V for next-gen platforms. GameRiot from YouTube has put together the video on your right or below if you're viewing on mobile to show just how good this new GTA looks.

Get your pre orders in as Grand Theft Auto 5 hits next-gen in fall/autumn 2014!

Jimmy De Santa playing GTA on next-gen

Just look at his face!
Just look at his face!

The reception

The internet went mad with excitement and love for the Rockstar series when the trailer was shown at the Sony conference in E3. The video below, which is the original trailer for the next-gen version of the game was added to YouTube just one week ago. The interesting thing is, this trailer already has 7.39 million views. Have a look and be the judge for yourself, is this going to be the game that persuades you to buy a next-gen console if you haven't got one already? Personally, if I didn't have the consoles myself, I'd be buying one on the midnight launch ready to get home and play my precious Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA online, don't worry!

The best part about the Rockstar showing the trailer is the fact that anybody who played GTA online, whether you played it on PS3, or Xbox 360, you can still transfer your online data to your next-gen GTA online no matter which console you're playing it on. If thats not the best idea you've ever heard, you're probably telling porkies! Rockstar release Grand Theft Auto 5 in autumn/fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Pc and we are exctied!

The Next Gen Trailer


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    • Aaron Lawton profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Lawton 

      4 years ago from Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom

      I agree with what you're saying john, but for me there really isn't enough games for next-gen that make it well, next-gen. Ports are a good idea I think, Microsofts Halo: Master Chief Collection will be awesome too :) thanks for the feedback

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Great article! I think the problem with this port is that most of the people who are at all curious about this game have already played it, so I think most who will get this on next gen will just be to try justify owning one of those consoles (like myself). I like the sound of GTA5 but I'm not sure what else it can bring to the table besides a visual upgrade, and it ran perfectly fine when I played with the exception of multiplayer. I might get it again for the multiplayer component though, but this late after it's initial release I don't see much reason to fork out another £60 when I get get it for about £15 on the previous gen console.


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