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Grand Theft Auto Online: Money Cut in Half After Repeating Missions Rockstar Confirms

Updated on October 22, 2013

Rockstar Updates Grand Theft Auto Online: Players only receive half of money when replaying missions

Grand Theft Auto Online has recently been updated. This new update makes it so players are rewarded only half (%50) of the money when replaying missions. For example, playing base invaders will give the players $25,000 the first time they complete the job. However, subsequent replays will result in only half of the money earned, which would be $12,500. Before this update, Rockstar also made it so you can not immediately replay missions after doing them. Many players in the Grand Theft Auto Online community are outraged by both of these changes

"For those of you inquiring about mission payouts, there was a change that reduces payouts by 50 percent after a repeat of the mission," said Rockstar. "The first time you play and beat the mission, you will get the full amount."

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Half a million ($500,000) GTA V Online Stimulus Package will still come into effect

Although players will only earn half of the money earned when replaying missions, players will still get the $500,000 stimulus package. Players will first receive $250,000 and then can expect to see the other $250,000 later on.

Rockstar is giving money to players because of the terrible server issues that plagued GTA Online the first couple days. Many lost characters on Grand Theft Auto Online and others could not even access the game.

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Mission Payouts Cut in Half: Unfair To New Players On GTA V Online?

If you have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online since day 1, then you may have put a lot of time and effort completing the jobs. Before the update, some players could replay missions immediately and receive the full payout after the job each time. New players, however, will really have to grind through the missions if they want to make money. In a way, players that have played since the beginning have an advantage over newer players because they played before Rockstar had the mission payouts cut in half.

Players Exploiting "Reselling Car Glitch" in Grand Theft Auto Online

Before Rockstar updated Grand Theft Auto Online, there were numerous glitches. One of these glitches involved the ability resell a vehicle at Los Santos customs repeatably. And if a player sold a car that was expensive, he or she could make millions of dollars on GTA V Online!

My friend actually made $20,000,000 doing this glitch before Rockstar updated GTA V Online!

Some players in the gaming community regret not doing this glitch because Rockstar has made it ridiculously hard to make money compared to how it originally was.

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Was Recent Update by Rockstar Done so Players Feel Obligated to Buy Money Packs in GTA V?

There has been some speculation by players that Rockstar cut the pay in half for replaying missions because they want to obligate players to buy money packs. There will eventually be an option to buy Grand Theft Auto Online currency by using real life money.

Is this the right decision by Rockstar? Many players are upset that it is harder to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online. And many think it is absolutely ridiculous that Rockstar would even offer the option to buy money packs with "real world money." Of course, buying the money packs will not be required. Players can still earn money doing jobs, races, robbing stores, retrieving bounties, and other stuff in GTA V Online.

The question still remains though, could this update have been put in effect so players feel the need to buy money packs? Although some people may not purchase them, others ultimately will because they might want that million dollar car or military tank. Some vehicles in GTA V cost a lot! Therefore, some players may give up trying to save up cash for cars by simply doing the jobs or other activities because it will take quite a long time doing so.

Considering that GTA V has been updated several times already, it is possible that mission payouts may go back to their original cash amounts. However, if Rockstar's intentions really are to obligate players to purchase money backs, that is unlikely.


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