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Grand Theft Auto Online - The Future

Updated on January 14, 2014

Its Nearly Here!!!

So as of the time of writing we are literally only 15 days away from the first Grand Theft Auto title in over four years. Many millions of gamers have been waiting for this day and f you have been catching up on all the great trailers that Rockstar have been putting out then I'm sure you are as excited as I am about it all.

I have been counting down the days since it was first announced over a year ago and the time has dragged but recently with all the hype that has started to surround the series the time has sped up and in just over two weeks millions of gamers worldwide will get their grubby little mitts on one of three editions of the game.

So a little patience people as it is nearly here!!.

Grand Theft Auto Online

As if we were not excited enough about the game everybody was wondering how good the online game would be as the online game for GTA4 was a bit of a let down so we were all keeping our fingers crossed for this one.

Well Rockstar did not disappoint when they released their online trailer just a couple of weeks ago, the online version will let you do almost everything you can do in the single player mode, Not only that but it allows up to 16 players and you can use crews or gangs that you have built up to help you complete one of, Wait for it....... 700 missions, these missions will also be regularly swapped out for new ones and will as Rockstar put it be a never ending online experience.

Rockstar have also said they wish to build upon the online version so that it is always improving and growing in size, I'm guessing that with the power of the new XBOX One and PS 4 they will have the hardware to help them do this.

The online mode will become available on OCT 1st once everyone has had a chance to get used to Los Santos and the surrounding areas. This also gives Rockstar the chance to make sure the servers used for the game will be up to scratch and there will be enough of them to allow us gamers a nice smooth online world.

Oct 1st is coming and we cant wait to jump in and create havoc.

Grand Theft Auto Online The Future

So the future of GTA online is looking good especially if you listen to a recent interview that Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies gave recently, If you missed it then there will be a link below to that video. In it he describes how his team will be adding new content to online constantly and that the world will be evolving not just to the point where there will be a new city to explore at some point in the future but tons of cities, these tons of cities will be in one country then they would like to move on to another country so that eventually it will be a GTA online world.

So is this possible?, It seems a little far fetched I know, I believe they have the power and the team behind them to be able to create new Cities the size of Los Santos every few months. This would be pretty sweet, Imagine being in Los Santos and your mate comes online and you have to fly for 10 or 15 minutes to get to the other city that he lives in, That would be pretty insane.

With a city like Los Santos that already boasts about being so big it would take you 45minutes to an hour to run from one side to the other you can only imagine how great it would be to have multiple cities. Then you really would have use for that Lear jet you brought.

I believe creating a couple of countries with say 10 to 20 cities in will be a bit out of their reach and too big for current servers to handle but look how far we have come in four years, if you compare GTA 4 pics and game-play to how GTA5 looks its a big leap so anything is possible.

If you consider the possibility of Rockstar using the power of next generation consoles then maybe a huge GTA universe is a possibility!.

Summing Up

Well that's it guys not long to go and we will find out for ourselves just how good GTA online is, I cant wait, There will be some more hubs from me soon regarding how to do well in GTA and tips and strategies and so forth. Look out for those, Below are some handy links and I will also leave you with the Official trailer. One last point from me is if you are wishing to join a decent GTA crew but don't want the pressure of being a PRO or meetings etc then join my crew, not only will you have a great time with some decent people and a laugh you will also move up the ranks for good team-play or recruitment. The link to our crew is below, you may also get featured in some of our Youtube videos.Thanks

First Thing You Will Do In GTA5

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    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      As of yet I dont think there has been an official announcement on any other formats apart from xbox and ps3, It is sure to come to xbox one, and ps4 and also pc, next year, wether this includes mac im not sure!!, I would suggest buying a second hand xbox 360 just for this game, Its gonna be awesome!!!!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      will this be available on mac?


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