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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: An American Welcome

Updated on October 1, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Mount Chiliad

Unlocked After: The Civil Border Patrol

The Civil Border Patrol is back on the case! Yes, this half-Russian bastion of American purity is back on the case, driving undesirable, illegal immigrants back to where they came from in the nicest way possible.

And, y'know, Trevor's gonna help them.


He's... well...

Most definitely a red-blooded American.

Nothing foreign about him, no sir.

... hm.

- Proceed to the waypoint on the southwestern edge of Mount Chiliad. Tough terrain here, so watch your driving.

- Watch the cut scene. Oh, that crazy border patrol.

- Hop in the truck and give chase as the guys spot yet another illegal, this one on an ATV.

This chase can be surprisingly difficult, especially at the start. Here are some tips for getting it done.

- Don't go full pedal at the beginning of the chase. The border patrol's truck, ah, well… it kinda sucks. It's decently tough, but it's very, very easy to roll, as its turning is not the best. These mountain paths are bad for its handling. Take it slow as you pursue the target. Once you're on flatter terrain, pursuing the target away from Mount Chiliad, you can happily pick up speed.

- Stick to the right side of the road. There isn't a ton of traffic here, but the road is very, very narrow. Prepare for the worst by not being where the car ahead is going to be. One solid crash and the 'illegal' will get away.

- Pull up close to the guy on the ATV rather than out-and-out crashing into him. One of the border patrol nuts will stun him from the car. You can then get out and apprehend him. Squish him by accident, though, and you'll have to start the mission over.

- Slow the car down quickly after the stunning! In my first try one of the border patrol guys got out of the truck really, really quickly and nearly killed himself. Smooth moves.

- After the guys have 'subdued' the 'dangerous criminal, they'll hop in their truck. Follow them.

- Drive to the cement factory marked on the map.

- A pair of bikers will take off after the border patrols guys start yelling them. Weave carefully through the cement factory grounds and give chase.

- Don't go too crazy when following these guys, at least not at first. You're on some steep, rocky ground out here, and it's still way too easy to spin out the truck. Keep on their tails at a measured pace until you hit town. At that point the geography evens out a bit and you can start pumping the gas in earnest.

- Get in close and taze them, as before. (In this case I out-and-out ran them over. Didn't seem to make a difference to the mission - they both lived through being rammed off their bikes.)

- Give one or both of them a good zap with your Stun Gun.

- Wait for the two guys to get in the truck.

All done! The border patrol guys will thereafter abandon you and give you $500 for your trouble. What kind gentlemen.

Gold Medal Completion

Downed - Stop the first group of immigrants in 30 seconds. You really need to motor here to get the guy, which means going risky on the mountain. Keep a steady hand, and be ready to use the brakes to take tight corners.

Double Downed - Stop the second group of immigrants within 55 seconds. A bit easier, but you need to, again, take more risks on rocky terrain. So long as you're used to it, I suggest going into first-person view during the rocky chase so as to better spot small, incoming objects (notably wooden posts - I HATE wooden posts).

Shock and Awe - Bring the guys down using only the Stun Gun. Fire from the window of the truck for the best results. Try to wait for straightaways.


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