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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Cleaning out the Bureau

Updated on October 3, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael

Location: La Mesa, Lester's building

Unlocked After: The Ballad of Rocco

The FIB needs your help AGAIN? Yes, yes, what else is new. Michael and the gang are getting a bit sick of doing Steve's work for him, and this time he has them doing no less than targeting his own place of business. Is it possible that he might just be a bit of a jerk? Maybe? Yeah, that seems likely.

- Head to the Darnell Bros. building in La Mesa.

- Watch the cut scene upstairs.

- Hop in your car after Steve's said his peace.

- Drive over to the rear of the FIB building. Wait for the janitor Lester mentioned to leave the lot. Focus on the license plates of passing cars to check for your guy. It'll take a while.

- Tail the guy once he appears. In quite a stretch from the norm, you'll largely have to follow the traffic rules to stay on his rear without getting in trouble. Keep your distance the whole way. When he pulls into a parking structure, park outside and get out.

- Follow the janitor as he heads towards his apartment. Don't get too close or you'll spook him. Wait until he enters his apartment, then follow him in for the cut scene.

- Return to the car. That was easy.

- Head to the garment factory and go to the office.

Gold Medal Completion

Eagle Eye - Check all license plates. This is easy. Wait for a car to come out and tap the appropriate button before it gets away. Continue until you've snagged all five cars.

He Missed a Spot - Follow the janitor without being spotted. I'm not sure if this includes the driving and walking sections, but it can't hurt to be careful on both. Maintain roughly three car lengths from the guy while you're driving and five or six feet at a minimum while you're on foot.

Time - Complete the mission in 9:00. You're pacing yourself according to the janitor's movements, so much of the mission will run at a steady pace. When you're not confined by the motions of others, motor. Simple as that.

Immediately after this mission is another. It's such a simple mission that I'm including here as well.

Reuniting the Family

Character: Michael

Location: Michael's House, Rockford Hills

Unlocked After: Cleaning out the Bureau

- Head to Michael's house. The waypoint is in front of the garage.

- Watch the cut scene. What a renion.

- Hop in the car and head to Bean Machine, just down the block.

- Watch the cut scene. Stupid Fabien.

- Hop back in the car and head to the Tattoo Parlour down the street a ways. Approach the front door.

- Pierce, tattoo, and cut Lazlow. Ahhh, so satisfying.

- Drive to the psychiatrist's office. Watch as the family goes nuts on one another.

- Drive everybody home.

Gold Medal Completion

Time - Complete the mission in 10:30. Most of this entails cutting through cut scenes and not playing it safe when you're in traffic. Blast through the city at high speed. This might be an easy mission, but it's still fairly long, what with all the conversation. (I recommend waiting until the second go-through before you do this, though. The chats between the family members are a lot of fun, and should not be missed.)


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