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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Epsilon Tract Locations

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael

Location: Varies

Unlocked After: Unknowing the Truth

Poor, naïve Michael has not only helped the Epsilon Program leader get away with a ton of money, he's not seen a cent of it itself. There is a silver lining for the firm believer, though: the Epsilon Tracts, spread throughout the world of Los Santos. Care to learn the truth? Then it's time to canvas the land.


Each time you find a tract you'll receive a tip that'll lead you to the next tract in the sequence. They're aaaaaall over the place, so, uh, have fun. Note that you MUST get them in this order, or you won't find the tract waiting for you in the location.

Mount Chiliad

Make your way up to the top of the mountain, preferably via the gondola. You'll find the tract on the observation platform at the tip-top, near the telescopes.

Palamino Highlands

If you've been searching for submarine parts before, you'll know where to find this one. Jump in the water just east of the Palamino Highlands, near a large island, to find the wreck of a ship. The tract is down here, beside the ship, on the ocean floor.

Paleto Bay

Make your way out to the Bay and find transportation that will take you out to the largest island north of the topmost point of the area, which is also the topmost point of the mainland. At the apex of the largest island you'll find a tract.

Mount Chiliad Tunnel

During a few missions you visited a sawmill in the Mount Chiliad region, and during the Lamar Down mission you had to escort the hapless sidekick back home. The route you took brought you through a tunnel under the mountain. Once you're at the sawmill (it's in the foothills near the gondola), set a course back to, say, Sandy Shores somewhere. The GPS should lead you through this tunnel. On your way through, search the walls for a niche with a set of steps. Up them you'll find the tract.

Little Seoul Church

One block north and one block west of the Car Wash in Little Seoul (west side of Los Santos) you'll find a church. Look around the base of the church for the tract.

Paleto Cove Pier

Again with the submarine memories. Head to the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove, on the west coast of the island. Walk along the pier to the end. Near the docking spot for the submarine and the dinghy you'll find the tract.

Richman Mansion

Check the map northwest of Rockford Hills. If you hover your cursor correctly you'll see the area of Richman. Look for the Tennis Court, then scan to the northwest. You'll see a small, hooked driveway leading off of the second road north of the Tennis Court. Head here to find a mansion. Look around the entrance of this house for the tract.

Mount Chiliad Summit

Again? Yes, again. Very holy. Go back to where you found the first tract, then go down the slope a little ways towards a pair of trees. The tract is here.

Maze Bank

Grab yourself a helicopter and point towards the Maze Bank, the massive building that dominates the Downtown skyline. Land on top of it and you'll find the collectible in plain sight.

Pacific Bluffs

Return to the west side of the map, in the Pacific Bluffs area, and scan the map for a pond. You'll find it west of a clump of stores, notably the Tivoli Cinema. Visit the tiny island in the middle of this area (it's a graveyard) to find the tract.

And what do you get for finding all the tracts? Well, inner harmony is pretty cool, I guess…


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