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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Fresh Meat

Updated on October 3, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin, Trevor

Location: Franklin's house, Strawberry

Unlocked After: Pack Man

Michael is missing. Franklin is worried. Trevor… Trevor's being especially Trevor-ish. He's helpful enough, though, that he lets Franklin know where Michael MIGHT be… namely, in the hands of the Chinese mafia. Now Franklin has to rescue his 'mentor' from a grisly death that would see Michael turned into a hotdog...

- Head to Franklin's house as either Trevor or Franklin. Mind that this is his old house, not his new one.

- Watch the cut scene. Trevor strikes out again. Lord.

- Hop to Franklin. Wait for Lester to call.

- Hop to Michael. Dude's in a bit of a pickle, and now you're on a tight schedule to set him loose. Hit start, go to the map, and set the waypoint outside the building Michael's in. Memorize that spot. He's in Cypress Flats, in a meat packing plant one block over from the local Ammu-Nation.

- Back to Franklin. Set the same waypoint and drive there as quick as you can.

- Proceed to the building with the black-and-white roof. At the rear of it you'll see some goons by a truck. Take them out, then stay in cover and take out the guys who come out of the building.

- Take cover at the door. You'll get shot at a few times. Retaliate and head into the building.

- Beyond here, this mission is largely a shooting gallery. You need to pick your way through the warehouse and rescue Michael. You've done this stuff before: move from room to room, blowing the bad guys away as you go. There's plenty of cover, so you shouldn't have a ton of trouble. Mind that there are guys on a variety of elevations, not just on the ground. If your injuries mount, return to one of the early rooms and you'll find a First-Aid Kit.

- After a small gauntlet of guys you'll reach Michael. Shoot the guy who's threatening him, then toss Michael a pistol.

- Up to Michael. Use auto aim to blast at the guys who appear. Shoot quickly - you have no way at all to hide. Mind the two guys who appear to your left.

- Switch to Franklin. Make your way up the corridor. Kill the one guy who comes along…

- … then, as Michael, shoot the guy off of Franklin. Should be easy with auto aim going to work.

- Run to the next room, then work together as Michael and Franklin to clear the place. Unless you found lots of automatic ammo, switch to Franklin - Michael's a bit light on equipment at the moment.

- Once you reach the rear of the place you'll find two cars waiting. Take a moment to demolish one of them and escape in the other. If you don't, you'll have thugs chasing you through the city and shooting up your car. Much easier to handle if you take them out of the equation at the very start. If you don't wipe out the car before you leave, I recommend finding a good spot on the way to Michael's house to set up an offensive line where you can blow them up with your combined firepower.

Gold Medal Completion

Switch Limiter - Don't switch more than three times. This will require either playing the mission a few times so you know exactly where to go at the beginning or marking the spot on a map outside the game. Thereafter, don't switch characters unless it's absolutely necessary.

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Auto aim!

Headshots - Kill at least ten enemies with head shots. Auto aim and pointing slightly up!

Swift Rescue - Save Michael within 3:30. Franklin's not that far from the meat packing plant, so once you know where, exactly, to go, this part's pretty easy.

Sense of Direction - Don't use a map waypoint. Again, knowing exactly where to go is the key to making this requirement. You're headed for the eastern trainyards in Cypress Flats, a block over from Ammu-Nation.


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