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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Nervous Ron

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Trevor's trailer

Unlocked After: Mr. Philips

Trevor's an opportunistic guy. He'll use any chance he can get to make a bit of cash... as well as eliminate the competition in the process. Good luck to anybody who gets in his way - including one of his best buddies, the hapless Ron. Never should have moved to Los Santos, you poor, poor man.

- Head to Trevor's trailer. Ron is bewailing something on the front porch.

- Watch the cut scene.

- Get on the ATV out front of the trailer.

- Drive over to Ammu-Nation.

- Talk to the guy behind the counter. He'll give you a Sniper Rifle and an Advanced Scope for free. How charitable. Considering how much money Trevor has, some armor isn't out of the question.

- Return to the ATV and head out to Ron's water tower in the desert. Pull out your newly-found Sniper Rifle.

- Look through the scope a good distance to your left. Ron will be on his ATV at first.

- Once Ron starts walking he'll spot a guy near a patrol tower to the right. Focus on this for the rest of the mission, and start by pegging the guard.

- Take out the two lights nearest to the guard, and do it quickly to avoid detection.

- Wait for the van that approaches to come to a full stop. Only shoot the driver when Ron gives you the say-so.

- Quickly scan up to the top of the tower and hit the third guy that emerges from the lookout post.

- Two more guys will show up, one by the van, another up on the tower. Take them both out.

- Scan right to the end of the building by the guard tower. Take out the guy who emerges. Another one will follow shortly after him, so don't move your sights.

- Follow Ron to the right. A guy will show up and spot him if you take too long. Nail him first.

- As Ron is planting the charges a helicopter will show up to your left. Keep your sights on the cockpit as best you can, and wait for it to swivel around and remain stationary for a few seconds. Peg the pilot through the windshield.

- Ride your ATV over to the hangar and dismount. Start clearing out the thugs with one of your shorter-range guns. Once they're largely cleared out, rush into the hangar. Head for the plane.

- While clinging to the wing, shoot anybody who comes near you. Not too difficult, but there are a few guys who may surprise you by approaching from the rear. Watch out for them on your radar. Aim for the trucks rather than the guys in the trucks and you may get multiple kills with one explosion. There are also two tanker trucks along the way which you can destroy for a few easy kills.

- Take off in the plane. Not too difficult, but don't take your time - the bikers will swarm you like crazy if you're not quick on the stick.

- Fly the rest of the mission. The only dangerous part past this comes when you approach the air base. Stay low to the water and you won't attract any military attention.

All done? Not quite. The last part of the mission involves flying to an airstrip and landing your plane. This is, for those who haven't flown, easily the hardest part of the mission. Here are some tips for bringing the plane in for a safe landing.

- Watch out for the military base. Yes, it's still there, and you'll get in trouble if you fly too high on the way back.

- Forget about racing with Ron. He's not in the race. It's not a thing.

- Line yourself up with the runway's waypoint from the start. You want to be hitting it dead on when it finally comes into view.

- Note that the airstrip isn't concrete. It's a stretch of dirt. It might not stand out the first time, but once you know where it is you'll spot it at once on subsequent flights.

- Keep your plane level. If you start to bank while approaching the airstrip you'll almost certainly crash.

- Slow down as you approach. Rushing at it full-tilt is suicide… but don't slow down too much. Your plane might stall. Find a nice medium.

- Deploy your landing gear upon approach. Without landing gear you'll crash. The game doesn't explain how to do so with much time to spare; in this case, you can deploy the landing gear by pressing down the left joystick.

- That said, don't deploy too quickly! Landing gear seems to mess with your maneuverability, and the plane will begin to buck. Wait until you're coming in before you pop out those wheels.

Gold Medal Completion

Headshots - Kill five enemies with a headshot. Do this while sniping. it's by far the best opportunity you'll have.

Time - Complete the mission in 12:30. This sounds like a lot of time, but you also have a lot to do. You'll need to practice the mission a few times before you can snag this one.

Nervous Twitch - Win the race against Ron. Not… not difficult.

6 Bridges, 1 Plane - As you fly about you'll see a sum total of six bridges you can fly under, both before and after you deliver the shipment. Most of them aren't too bad, though the last two are a little iffy. Keep the plane level on approach and try not to turn. Otherwise, you'll probably dip into the water.

Death on a Wing - Kill all bikers while lying on the wing of Ron's plane. Not too difficult, so long as you watch your radar. Another decent place to get headshots.


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