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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill, or Vinewood Souvenirs

Updated on September 26, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Vinewood Hills - must be completed during the day

Unlocked After: Three's Company

You meet a lot of strange people in the streets of Los Santos, and surely one of the strangest (and most dangerous) would be Trevor. Yet the psychopath meets his equal in sheer oddity when he comes across a pair of star-loving Brits who enlist him to steal some very intimate pieces of memorabilia...

- Head to Vinewood Hills. The waypoint is on a twisty set of roads leading up the hills, on a street full of narrow-set houses.

- Watch the cut scene.

Your mission now is to 'collect' (steal) a bunch of junk owned by celebrities. There are four things Trevor has to collect for the Thornhills to complete the mission.

First Item - Vinewood Souvenirs, Willy

- Head to West Vinewood. Your destination is the rear of a club.

- Climb the stairs to find the workman's entrance. Wander through it to the club's stage.

- Approach Willy, one of the members of the band. Punch him out with a few swift blows. Collect the small, shining gold tooth he leaves behind when he collapses.

- Rush out of the club. The cops will be on to you. If you use the front door you can run out into traffic, grab a car, and go incognito long before the cops ever reach the club.

Gold Medal Completion

Fist Fury - Take no damage during the fight with Willy. So long as you start it, the fight is a piece of cake. Launch into him and he'll go down.

Entourage - Talk to the entourage. You'll hear the guys and the girls chatting with one another on the balcony overlooking the stage. Go have a quick chat before you converse with Willy.

Second item - Vinewood Souvenirs, Tyler

- Head to Rockford Hills. You're looking for a large private residence.

- Hop over the wall at the lowest point, near the front gate.

- Sneak beside the pool in the back yard, avoiding attention, and snag Tyler's clothes. Get back out again.

- If necessary, flee from the cops. You know the drill by now. There are plenty of cars to steal here that will allow you to become incognito, and you can just as easily escape into nearby backyards to lay low.

Gold Medal Completion

Weed Killer - Take out the gardener with a stealth attack. He's standing near the front gate, and he won't be looking at you. Go into Stealth Mode and get him from behind.

Pilferer - Steal the clothes without being detected. If you approach the pool from the front gate you'll almost certainly be spotted. Go around the back of the house and you'll find a gate you can hop over. Use this to Stealth Mode your way to the clothes. Takes longer, but ultimately worth it.

Third item - Vinewood Souvenirs, Kerry

- Another location in downtown Rockford Hills. You're looking for a waypoint between two blocks of buildings.

- Approach Kerry, who's standing outside. Her dog, Dexie, will run off.

- Chase the dog down and steal its collar. Piece of cake.

Gold Medal Completion

Hot on the Paws - Don't lose the dog at any point. So long as Trevor's decent at running you should have no trouble keeping up.

Fourth Item - Vinewood Souvenirs, Mark

- Infiltrate the GWC and Golfing Society. You can enter through a small walkway on the west side of the huge wall surrounding the property.

- Find Mark, who's near a sand trap. He's surrounded by people, including several armed security guards.

- Deal with the group, starting with Mark. You don't have much choice, here - you'll have to kill them all. A Grenade Launcher strike is fun, as is sniping from afar. Whatever you do, make sure you hit mark first! If not he'll hop in a golf cart and ride away, and he's difficult to catch before vanishing.

- Flee. Pesky police.

Gold Medal Completion

Under Par - Collect the golf club within 30 seconds. As soon as you have the mission, pull out your Rifle, shoot mark, and dash for the club. Then flee. Use Trevor's special ability to downplay the damage from the security guards.

Hole in One - Kill Mark with a headshot. Done!

FOUR! - Kill Mark and all three body guards. Speed is key. Once you kill Mark, use Trevor's special ability (along with a nice automatic) and start firing at the guards. Let auto aim guide your hand.

Once you've completed the first four missions, you'll unlock a fifth one that you'll have to track down in, where else, Vinewood.

Fifth item: Vinewood Souvenirs, Al Di Napoli

- Look for Nigel in Vinewood.

- Watch the cut scene. Disturbing.

- Chase Al through the streets of Los Santos.

This is a difficult chase. Al flies all over the place, and his path, though set, is pretty crazy. Here are some tips for getting through in one piece.

- Don't gun the car. Drive quickly to stay with him, but stay off the full pedal. You want to be able to turn at a moment's notice.

- Stay close to Al's car. He does a lot of sudden turns, and it's easy to lose him if he's out of sight. It also doesn't take much for him to escape.

- Don't try to ram Al. Just stay on his tail. A scripted event will end the chase.

- Don't try to shoot Al's tires out, either. Focus on the road. Your shots won't work.

- At about the midpoint Al will make a sharp left, then keep going left until he winds up in a car park. Don't accidentally carry on into traffic or you'll lose him.

- Yes, you have to go into a hospital. Once you're here the chase is pretty much over.

Gold Medal Completion

Stalker - Stay close to Al throughout the chase. This is practically necessity if you want to succeed anyway.

Accident and Emergency - Avoid hitting anyone in the hospital. Easy enough, since they all jump out of your way.

Not a Scratch - Complete the mission with minimal damage to the car. Very, very difficult. All I can recommend is playing the mission a few times and largely memorizing the route. Unless you're an amazing driver, you will NOT get this on your first try. Or second. Or maybe even your fifth. If you're having trouble nailing it, come back to this mission once Trevor has a better driving score. It's, ah, not that great when you first get him.

Kidnap Al and you'll unlock one final mission involving Nigel and Mrs. Thornwood... as well as their hapless captive. Don't worry, it's not nearly as difficult as the last one.

Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act

- Head to the waypoint in Strawberry. Nigel is waiting for you at the fear of a building.

- Watch a cut scene.

- Hop in Nigel's car after the cut scene is over. Al, the guy you nabbed in the previous mission, is in the trunk.

- Drive to the train tracks marked on the way point.

Along the way you'll be forced to make a decision: Let Al go or send him to an untimely death?

Set HIm Free

If you decide to let Al go, stop the car anywhere you like and get out. Trevor will open the trunk, releasing Al, and snag $3,000 for his troubles. Good pedestrian… though you can't get perfect completion if you choose this method of dealing with Al.

Kill Him

Killing Al isn't much more difficult. Drive all the way to the waypoint and park the car on the train tracks. Sit back and watch Al meet his untimely demise. Tragic.

Gold Medal Completion

Skin of your Teeth - Wait until the last second to exit the car before the train hits it. Move the camera around so you're facing the train, then jump out with four or five seconds to spare. The cut scene will keep you alive, no worries.

Locomotivation - Kill Al using the train. Self-explanatory.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I got "not a scratch" first time through. So I must be pretty good huh ;)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      If you wait until near the tracks al di Napoli will offer you 10k for his release


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