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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Paparazzo - The Sex Tape

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: West Vinewood

Unlocked After: Paparazzo

Oh, Beverly. Back for more celeb snooping, are you? This mission is just as glamorous as your last outing with the sateless paparazzo, and in some ways is even worse… as you're now going to break into someone's mansion. Poor, poor Franklin.

- Meet Beverly out front of the mansion in West Vinewood. He's dancing around a lot so he's easy to spot.

- Follow Beverly around to the side of the mansion.

- Follow him onto the grounds. Do exactly as Beverly does, only walking and sticking close to the wall. The two workers on the grounds won't see you.

- Take the camera from Beverly and focus the recorder on the, um, action. Let the dialogue sequence run through until you're noticed. Note that you're not actually taking pictures - this is video.

- Avoid security by running around the small bungalow and jumping down to street level. Hop into Beverly's car as quickly as you can. Don't try to fight, you can't really do anything while you're holding the camera.

- Unlike most high-speed chases, you're not in control of the car this time. Beverly's driving while you continue to record with his camera. Keep the camera focused on your tail's face as much as possible while you're driving around. Eventually Beverly will lose her and the mission will end when he drops you off.

Gold Star Completion

Quick Dip - On your way to catch the money shot you'll have an opportunity to hop in a large pool. You might as well - there's almost no chance that you'll get caught, and Beverly will wait for you (and not even chastise you) for getting your feet wet. Just keep your ears open for the moment where he mentions a pool and you're golden.

Money Shot - Here's the tough part, though it's not that tough. During the chase scene you need to keep the camera focused as much on the actress pursuing your car as possible. The green box around her face does not need to be highlighted by your camera's box perfectly; it merely needs to stay in the green. If it stays in the red for too long you'll lose out on the chance for this requirement. It's very, very important that you listen to Beverly during the mission, as he'll call out the direction he's about to turn several times. Pull the camera's targeting reticule in the opposite direction when he does this to ensure that you stay on the car. Remember, you do NOT have to keep the camera on her face! Just make sure that the box doesn't go red!


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