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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Properties

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: All

Location: Varies

Unlocked After: Nervous Ron

Living the high life in Los Santos just wouldn't be complete without an expanding influence, and that means purchasing properties. Properties in Grand Theft Auto V serve a variety of purposes: in most cases they'll supplement your income on a weekly basis (in-game, not real time), while in others they'll provide more specific and unique activities for your characters.

All three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V can buy properties. Approach the building in question and look for a Dynasty 8 For Sale sign. Once in front of the sign you'll be prompted to make the buy. Note that not all buildings are universal; several of them can only be bought by one of the three, and there are a few buildings Michael and Franklin can buy which Trevor cannot.

Car Scrapyard

Character: Any

Location: El Burro Heights, down the street from the Tattoo Parlour

Cost: $275,000

Income: $150 per scrapped car

Only $150? That sounds like a ripoff, but it's a little funny - and potentially profitable - if you think about it. The Scrapyard basically keeps a running tally of any vehicles you destroy in the San Andreas area. Blow up a car anywhere even remotely near the Scrapyard and you'll get paid $150 for it, whether you're caught in the act or not. Cause big pileups on the highways to the north, in other words, and you can collect a ton of money very quickly.

Cinema Doppler

Character: Michael

Location: Downtown Vinewood

Cost: $10,000,000

Income: $132,200 per week

Man, what a cash cow. The cheapest of the cinemas, Cinema Doppler will pull in a lot of cash over time if you can manage to afford it. (Probably won't happen until you're done the game, but who knows.)

Downtown Cab Company

Character: Franklin

Location: East Vinewood

Cost: $200,000

Income: $2,000 per week

Though the Cab Company doesn't exactly provide a ton of cash, Franklin will receive free cab rides for life after purchashing the business. He can also collect rather piddly fares by driving people around the city.

The Hen House

Character: Any

Location: Paleto Bay

Cost: $80,000

Income: $920 per week

A tidy little establishment without a whole lot to say for it. Money earned over time. Enjoy!


Character: Michael or Franklin

Location: North Chumash, west coast of the map

Cost: $600,000

Income: $4,700 per week

Residuals! Not much else to be said here.

Los Santos Customs

Character: Franklin

Location: Grand Senora Desert

Cost: $349,000

Income: $1,600 per week

The ever-friendly Customs shop of Los Santos can be purchased at a reasonable enough price, and while they don't turn in a ton of money, Franklin can thereafter get upgrades for free. Pretty sweet if you like to go through vehicles by the dozen. Note that you MUST visit the Los Santos Customs branch on the Vinewood and Grand Senora border - the others don't have a For Sale sign out front.

Los Santos Golf Club

Character: Any

Location: Rockford Hills

Cost: $150,000,000

Income: $264,000 per week

Every cent you earn up in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty much going towards this, the motherlode. The Los Santos Golf Club is easily the most expensive property in the game, and you'll have to do a lot of wheeling, dealing, and waiting to earn enough money to buy it. Good luck.

Los Santos International Hangar

Character: Michael or Franklin

Location: Los Santos International Airport, lower level

Cost: $1,378,600

Income: None

Another storage spot. Purchasing this hangar will allow you to stow any planes you purchase or steal in a convenient spot. It also allows you to move about Los Santos National Airport's runways with impunities, so entering the airstrip will no longer raise an alarm. Have fun pilfering jumbo jets. Both Michael and Franklin can purchase their own Hangar.

McKenzie Field Hangar

Character: Trevor

Location: Grapeseed

Cost: $150,000

Income: $5,000 per ground shipment / $7,000 per air shipment

Purchasing this location unlocks two missions: Air Trafficking and Ground Trafficking. In the first, you can drop off packages in the hangar's airplane to a variety of locations around Sandy Shores. In the second, you do it by car. Pretty simple, and not a terrible way to make money if you like to fly and can land quickly and reliably.


Character: Any

Location: Downtown Vinewood

Cost: $750,000

Income: $7,100 per week

Another straightforward cash cow. Buy it up and watch the money accumulate over time.

Puerto Del Sol Marina

Character: Any

Location: La Puerta, near Vespucci Beach

Cost: $75,000

Income: None

The Marina is a place to park your boats when they aren't in use. Bring watercraft to the Slip you've purchased and you can select them again later. Michael, Franklin and Trevor can all purchase their own Slip.

Smoke on the Water

Character: Franklin

Location: Vespucci Beach

Cost: $204,000

Income: $9,300

Ahhh, residuals. Buy this place and they will quickly roll in.

Sonar Collections Dock

Character: Any

Location: South of Paleto Bay

Cost: $230,000

Income: $23,000 per Nuclear Waste Can

Ahh, the submarine. Not only do you regain access to this lovely machine when you buy the Sonar Collections Dock, you unlock a series of hazardous Nuclear Waste Cans in the waters surrounding Los Santos. At $23,000 a pop, you can make a significant profit collecting all thirty - though you'll be combing the featureless depths for a long time to make it happen. Purchasing this property also unlocks the Death at Sea mission for Michael.

Ten Cent Theater

Character: Michael

Location: Pillbox Hill

Cost: $20,000,000

Income: $264,000 per week

Another step up! Twice the price of the Cinema Doppler for twice the profit. A good choice all around.


Character: Any

Location: West Vinewood

Cost: $2,000,000

Income: $16,500 per week

Pretty standard. Buy this booze vendor and you'll collect weekly payments.

Tivoli Cinema

Character: Michael

Location: Rockford Hills

Cost: $30,000,000

Income: $142,000 per week

Yikes. Considering it's the most expensive of the three, the Tivoli doesn't pull in a whole lot of cash, clocking in at substantially less than the Ten Cent Theater. Still, it's worth buying if you want to rack up dough in a hurry.

Towing Impound

Character: Franklin

Location: Rancho

Cost: $150,000

Income: $500 per car

Remember all those fun towing missions you did for Tonya? Now you can do more of them - whenever you want! Buy the Towing Impound after completing all of the Tonya missions and you'll get $500 per car towed. This isn't a horrible way to make money, and it's excellent for honing your fine driving skills, but you won't rack up cash quickly enough to bother with the place for long. (I also hate towing cars, so, y'know.)

Vespucci Helipad

Character: Michael and Franklin

Location: La Puerta, near Vespucci Beach

Cost: $419, 850

Income: None

The Helipad allows you to park aircraft when they aren't in use, and store them for future take-offs and landings. Fun. Both Michael and Franklin can purchase their own Helipad.

Vinewood / Grove Street / Pillbox Hill Garage

Character: Michael, Franklin, Trevor, respectively

Location: West Vinewood, Davis, Pillbox Hill, respectively

Cost: $30,000

Income: None

All those cars need to go somewhere. Every time you purchase or steal a car, this is where you will/should put it. This includes special cars found only in specific places around the map.

Property Missions

Think you're off the hook once you've bought a place? Think again. Periodically the owner of a business will get a call from the manager, asking for assistance. Fail to answer these calls and you won't get residuals from the business for the week. These missions range from deliveries to recapturing vans to stopping money thieves. Most are pretty simple and self-explanatory; most are also fairly easy. Some are brutal, though, such as stopping the thieves that snag cash from Michael's theaters, so be ready for quite a chase.


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